Monday, April 11, 2011

Cleaning Products and How to Avoid Cleaning With Them!

I hear from people who are PROBABLY telling the truth that products like bleach actually have a housekeeping purpose. But as every stamper worth her colored pencils knows, that kind of talk is just a crazy waste of air.

I can guaran-dang-tee you that no toilet is ever going to be as pretty as what I'm about to show you!

When I saw Beate's video for Bleached out images on Splitcoast, I knew exactly what I was going to do with my BELOVED new Fabulous Florets set. These flowers were perfect for this technique! I have bleached stamped images before, but always on colored cardstock, not Crumb Cake and it's stunning! It turns the cardstock this yummy buttery color and provides a great base for coloring

Now I did not emboss my images first - I just stamped them in black. If you do this, just paint the bleach inside the lines so you don't bleach the outlines of the images. If you do get bleach on them, after it dries, just use a marker to put the lines back in. I used colored pencils for my flowers, because I wanted a bright, intense blue. I put some uncolored bleached flowers on top of these after curling them with my bone folder, and I added fine black glitter to the flower centers.

The greeting is also a summer mini set - Happy Greetings. I love that font.

Now on to important stampy matters. I was lucky enough after a lifetime of searching to find a 72 drawer card catalog! I have wanted one of these for SOOOOO long, I can't tell you how excited I am to have found one.

It needed a little work, so after a sweet friend helped us with that, we moved it into the house this weekend.

Before I could get all the drawers back in, I discovered how a card CATalog gets its name.

Betcha didn't know that either...



  1. Oh, where did you find the card drawer catalog? I've always wanted one.

  2. Where did you find the drawer card catalog? I've always wanted one.

  3. Brilliant. it's always been such a chore to keep my cats in alphabetical order. Yes, let them alphabetize themselves!

    And that bleach process is fascinating - thanks.

    singoe (wv) a drive-thru confessional booth. (short for "sin 'n' go")

  4. I'm LOLing at Gary's comment. HAHAHAHA! Ahem. LOVE these flowers, and I love how you finished it off with the sentiment, even though *I* wanted a BOW there (no one ever listens to me, anyway.)

    WV: harind

    When you are crazy-busy, which some people call "harried", and you still have errands to run, those be harinds.

  5. The flowers turned out great. Looks like someone else has been waiting for the card CATalog too - lol.

  6. So did the card CATalog pass inspection? And for those of us not as savvy as others, what will you use this for? I'm assuming it's like those found years ago in libraries, which would make me think it's a little small for the kind of cards we make. Just wonderin....

  7. Super gorgeous card. I knew I saved those bleach pens for a reason!
    Is that Maddie in the pic? She appeared once again on my blog today....
    I am NOT a tease...

  8. I would love to see a pic of the card CATalog after all the drawers are back in. Where on earth did you find it?

  9. So now I know what Crumb Cake cs is for! Thanks, 'cause I have trouble using it.

    Love your card catalog, too! I found one 11 years ago and treasure it mightily. Glad you got yours!

  10. WOWIE. That is all....

    Wait, NO that is NOT all because this is JUST SO PRETTY and huh, bleach-NON uses for toilets...Check. I MUST try this, outside-not around ANY furniture or anything that I will spill on because you KNOW...well, maybe you don't know, but *I* know that I will spill...but this is JUST SO PRETTY that I MUST try it out!

    You are fabulous, my dear friend <3

  11. Well, I have the same question as others, so will look forward to learning how you will use your new furniture. Beautiful bleaching, btw!


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