Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Earth IS Flat and we are Somewhere Else!

I didn't really know how to bring this news to you. But I found something quite terrifying today on my walk.

I found.... Earth.

Yep. And guess what? It IS flat.

And we're not on it.

That's a heck of a thing for a girl to find out on a Sunday morning, don't you think?

I guess old T.S. wasn't kidding when he said April was the cruellest month. Well, that and taxes.

Thankfully, we stamp on whatever planet we live on. I had my monthly class yesterday and we had a little fun with the petal cone die, thanks to some people on Splitcoast giving me ideas.

We made little carrot shaped gift boxes with the Petal Cone Die - these are SO fun and easy! I got this particular design from sweet Heather Summers - I just loved her little topper. What I did was cut two petal cones from Pumpkin Pie cardstock. I stamped those in Pumpkin Pie ink with the Woodgrain background - it TOTALLY looks like a carrot when you do that!

I punched the top from Old Olive cardstock with the Bird Punch and the 2 3/8" Scallop Punch. After you punch the scalloped circle out, you will want to cut to the center with your scissors and then cut a little hole in the middle for the floof to come out of.

Then just overlap the cut sides of the scallop so it becomes a 3D top and punch with your 1/8" circle punch through both layers. This is where you will attach your tag - I stamped mine with Easter Blossoms and punched with a Decorative Label Punch. Stick the leaves through the little hole and adhere the stems on the underside of the top. After you put the cone together, stick a single dimensional on the edge of the scallop and stick it to one of the petals on top of the box so that your lucky carrot candy giftee can still open the box.

Since we're all obviously Martians or Neptunians, you may want to consider filling the box with anti-matter. Or a flux capacitor. Or a ray gun.

Just sayin'.


  1. Looks good enough for Bugs Bunny.... Thinking of him and that flat Earth makes me strangely suspicious that Marvin the Martian and his ray gun had something to do with this.... Or maybe Despicable Dru and his shrinking ray gun.... It's a toss up...

  2. Where are your followers??? Have they fallin' off the Earth?
    Just dropped by to tell you that I came up with another Maddie card. Just sayin'. (Wait, that's your line, ooops.)


  3. Trippin' out here--just two minutes before I read this, I had a story about stamping in space going through my mind. Happy for me be on the same wavelength with you..but on the other hand, now I'm worried about you, Lydia!

    I love your art, your blog, and your spirit! Thanks for sharing all of it!



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