Friday, July 3, 2009


Seriously - it's July!!! Do you know what that means??? We've all got to start working on our Christmas cards!!!

At least, that's what I tell myself each July. Then I don't do them until Thanksgiving, but I feel so organized and Martha-y for a few months while I'm thinking I'm ahead of the game.

At least at this time last year I had a vision of the card. This year - nothing.

106 degrees every day for two weeks will do that to a person.

It's giving me the dumbz.

Anyway, here's a card for you that is more appropriate for squinting at the sun like someone in a post apocalyptic Mel Gibson movie.

This is all the new Stampin' Up! In Colors - Crushed Curry, the Razzleberry Lemonade paper, Dusty Durango, Melon Mambo.

Hope you have some fun and relaxing plans for the 4th - Stop back by here and Project Reanimate tomorrow for a little patriotic tribute (or two) ...


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  1. Glad I'm not the only person who gets a case of the dumbz when it's this hot. Holy Heatstroke, Batman!

  2. Wish it'd rain so that I can cool off- really hesitated to say that tho' for fear that me might getz shunned!

    Cassie and I have been wondering where you are- personally, I think you really WERE throwing pom-poms at the cats ALL day long inside the coolness of the house and sipping on a margarita of course!

  3. Ladies,

    You will hate me when I tell you that it has been in the low 70's here in Ohio for two around 83. So, we went to the pool today to have some fun, the water was Ice cold, I didn't even get in. You Texans would have loved it, jumping into the ice cold water that is.

    Lydia, gorgeous card, I love all of that Crushed Curry, and the polka dot ribbon, too cute. Looking forward to tomorrow's cards. Stay out of the heat Chickarita!


    Lisa A.

  4. Lisa Atha- Kydia might not hate you, but I do;)

    And you are right-gorgeous card- my In-Color stuff arrives on Monday- can't wait!

    Oooohh, I love it! WV- cuppona- doesn't it sound like something that the Kydia would order at Starbucks? With a triple shot of espresso, none-the-less!

  5. You start your Christmas cards as early as Thanksgiving?!?! Wazzup with THAT?!?! :-)

    WV: imakings. imakings some cards today, sitting in da cool air conditioning.

  6. Lydia, beautiful card. I just love your work and how you display them on the blog. I will have to learn how to get rid of the box around the illustrations.

    Please forgive me for horning in WV girls, but my capcha was "inemidly": I know my boyfriend inemidly.

  7. Now those are some flashy colors for cards. I bet you work on those with sunglasses on. So sorry it is so blasted hot in Texas. There is no happy median in that state!


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