Sunday, July 5, 2009

# i thank America

Soo... Woke up this morning and started out on a very long walk. I love I've been able to do it three days in a row instead of two. When I hit the street, it's dark. An early start caused by a yowly Maddie Bat. She needs to be hugged before the sun rises or she turns into a werecat. Very scary stuff.

I fire up Twitter on my phone to entertain myself for the 20 minute walk to Starbucks.

And I discover that a new topic has been introduced overnight. Posts tagged with the keyword #ithankAmerica. Some people, as befitting the normal 80/20 rule, were idiots, but some people
were really cool and made me smile.

Here are a few of my favorites that made me forget where I was.

From @browneyedpea:

#ithankamerica for beautiful artists with plant names who send tears into space & rescue bunnies.

#ithankamerica that @understandblue is willing to take on North Korea mano a mano

#ithankamerica for friends from coast to coast

From @mariamkobras

#ithankamerica for lox bagels, smoothies, NY cheesecake, iPods and iPhones

#ithankamerica for Starbucks

#ithankamerica for @paperbat, @holyxuxa, @understandblue, @patriciamonkey and @browneyed pea for being friends.

Me too, Mariam.

You guys leave me your #ithankAmerica in the comments today and I will send one of you the card below.

I kept it simple, since here, it's kinda the thought that counts on this one. I bought this set in both French and English, because they're both sweet. They're from the new catty.
#ithankAmerica for you coming here today :)

Oh PS - years ago I bought this dog pillow at World Market. See the little doggie head on the corner? The beasts love it as you can see here, with little Maddie Bat hugging it post-nap.
Does anyone know where I can get another so that each beast can have one?

And to my friend - well, you know who you are - that observed that quite possibly, this little panther is spoiled, I would just ask - is to love, to spoil? Mmm - I think maybe no. :)

Have you signed up for the UBlue Cyber Club? Attended one of my Webinars?? Come on - get your geek on! :)

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  1. I thank America for it's diversity.
    (Love your cards) :)

  2. That's what love is for, Lydia. Sometimes small miracles happen, and meeting you and the other Mimosas was certainly one. You came by at that moment in my life when I was ready to toss it all out of the window, and now I'm at a great, wonderful, ongoing party with people whho feel as if I've known them all my life.
    Thank you, America, for your wonderful women!

  3. Ditto everything the wonderful Miriam said. I know that makes me a mundane copycat but I can't top her. sniff.... sniff.....
    ithankamericafor twitter & finding all of you!

  4. You walk 10 miles EVERY DAY?! You are my hero! I spent the day stampin'. It is a sickness.

    ithankamerica for keeping us save from NoKo (oh, wait, that's Kydia, before lunch).

    And did you know cassie and Lisa P have a 'thing' going on over in your CBox?

    WV: difie. I difie you to tell me otherwise. Not to be confused with Diffie-Hellman, secret agent men.

  5. #ithankamerica for all of my friends near and far, and for keeping us all safe. I also thankamerica for my furry friends.

    I could actually go on with a couple dozen more, but my daughter is begging for the computer.

    Love the card Lydia, very cute, love that little bird.

    Hugs, Lisa Atha

  6. I think I saw some pillows very similar to that one at Barton Mall...there is a kiosk on the lower level near Gordon's Jewelry that has a variety.

    #ithankamerica for freedom that isn't always free, and for the men and women who are willing to defend it.

    WV--wompolo I think Kydia is going to go all wompolo on North Korea's leaders.

  7. if anybody can go wompolo on North korea, it's Kydia!

  8. Yea leslie, don't tell cassie's and my husbands! ;)

    And don't tell my hubby that kydia walks ten miles a day- I wouldn't want him to get any bright ideas!

  9. OGM how beautiful is this card. so elegant and simple. perfect!

  10. "Spoiled" equals rotten. I prefer the term "indulged." :-)

  11. ithankamerica for all that it is because if i was somewhere else i would want to be here! I have a very grateful heart for the freedom I enjoy.

  12. ithankamerica for the good life if brings, the friends, the opportunities, the freedoms, the diversity. Also, ithankamerica for you, I love your blog and so enjoy your artwork, your humor and your kitties.

    carolyn s
    ceashark at aol dot com

  13. Very sneaky Miss Lydia. I went scrambling to the catalog to see if Branch Out came in French then had a giggle because of course it only has images and not words (not to mention Branch Out is on the dormant list - almost called SU's DS to ask them -boy would that have passed the giggles around.) Then I had a brainwave and remembered Teeny Tiny Wishes. Now I'm going to have to order that one in French too! Love what you did with both sets in this CAS card.

    I love thank america for being the home of so much that is good in my life (and others), for freedoms of many kinds (like being female and being allowed to vote, drive a car, etc.), for artists and blogs like yours, and the chance to invent and reinvent ourselves and love our kitties and other furry pals to smithereens!

    At least kittie pillows are cheaper than buying each kid a Wii and their own XBox. So go ahead and spoil, indulge and celebrate your babies. Just don't forget to share with us the pictures and stories when you do...please....:D

    Hugs and blessings - Jean

    as in America go(es) the distance when it comes to freedom. And Goethe on a bad day when his e got left at home and he felt slightly lost with part of himself missing.

  14. ithankamerica for life liberty and Freedom! Thank you to all that help keep us safe and free!

  15. Animals give SO much love --- I always say they deserve to be spoiled. So bring it on. lol
    We have one very pampered & yes, very spoiled kitty, but she deserves every bit of it. :) You can never spoil them too much. ;)


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