Saturday, July 25, 2009

Maillot jaune

A confession.

I'm a baseball fan.

That's pretty much it. I love everything about baseball, and aside from hockey and Wimbledon, I pretty much use sports to provide background noise while I nap.

Not that I don't like them, but I don't love them like I love a good rooftop in Chicago when the tulips are blooming.

But today, I make an exception.

First, last night, my beloved Libby had a little creative block. Her Twitter family suggested wine and a stamping magazine, and LOOK WHAT SHE DID!! Ask, and ye shall receive. (PS - you should go through the whole blog hop she's a part of - there's some great blog candy, and some amazing artwork.)

Today, I was in her shoes. Sweet, sweet Jayne told me she missed me today, which warmed my heart, since I haven't posted in a few days. But I needed some inspiration. I asked, and I got it.

The suggestion was "Maillot jaune" - or Yellow Jersey, in French. For you Austinites who need some trivia, that's why Lance Armstrong's bike shop is called Mellow Johnny's, which I was lucky enough to find out today.

And so begins the inspiration. The yellow is so iconic, and I cannot resist an iconic color.

So I combined my waking card dream from
the other day with my fortunate inspiration from my friend today and I got this.I drew a thick black border with my marker and then masked it off with post its. Then I brayered Summer Sun and a little Pumpkin Pie before stamping circle circus in black. I repeated this on a Stampin' Up! envelope, and voila - friend + me = art.

Love it when that happens.

Thank you. :) I'm very grateful.

Oh yeah, and happy....

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  1. Wait, what? Do you love Wimbledon & hockey?? My favorite things in sports: Tour de France, Wimbledon & hockey. :-) LOVE THIS CARD!!! It's so pretty! And love the yellow! Or should I say jaune? :-) Thanks for the shout-out to my card too, you were the perfect inspiration!

  2. i have loved cycling--lance the first few times and the time after cancer; now, not so much--since i was in high school, and so i love this card! i'm off to replicate it for a class i have tomorrow...too quick and easy!

  3. Lydia,

    Awesome card! Awesome idea for Circle Circus. Definately going into my favorites list.

    Lisa Atha

  4. Oh, welcome back to posting! Glad your inspiration returned. Love the card and the great colors. (I think if I had to choose, orange and yellow would be my favorite combination.) Another card to put in my ideas to CASE file...

  5. Beautiful card, and thanks for the trivia about Mellow Johnny's...I did not know that one.

    I will be going the wine and stamp magazine route tomorrow to try to come up with some swaps. Hope the rest of your weekend is wonderfully arty and relaxing.

  6. I love this card! It says clean and simple contest all over it.

    I think that you should send this one in!!!!

    You are an inspiration to me.

  7. Love this card and envie. Gorgeous!


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