Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Tigers of Wrath

Sometimes, you just have to draw the line.

It's different for everyone, of course, the line.

I'll give you an example. One of the grocery stores I shop at is maddening. They refuse to stock overnight, even though they are open 24 hours. So that means when you are shopping, there are huge pallets blocking the aisles, with surly stockers preventing you from getting anything you want. If I ever actually see the yogurt stocker outside of the door of that store I'm tackling him and teaching him a lesson. That's right yogurt guy - watch your back. If I don't finish you off, Kim will.

And yet I go back. I'm annoyed every time I do, but I go because it's close, and there are things that outweigh the pain of the stockers.

And then there are the line crossers.

There are the companies that rub up against your philosophies in an unpleasant way. The way this happens is nearly always with a sneak attack. People tend to do business with companies they believe in for one reason or another. A sudden realization that a company will not manifest its stated philosophy when things get a little uncomfortable is usually a deal breaker.

At least for the line drawers such as myself.

So, today, I draw a line.

And, oddly enough - I got this quote tonight on Twitter, via @SurrendrDorothy:

The tigers of wrath are wiser than the horses of instruction.
-William Blake

Well said, William Blake. Time for a little tiger. :)

Since I was drawing lines, I thought I'd draw some lines. with a white gel pen. Beneath the Circle Circus balloons in Chocolate Chip and Melon Mambo, on the K & Co paper, on the Melon Mambo card base.

Hope you have a great day.

RAWR. You know who you are.

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  1. Love this card! I struggle so with what to do with Circle Circus.

    On the topic du jour, I boycott stores that pi$$ me off, but I am sure they do not care. And I have no where to shop. A co-worked suggested my list of NOT boycotted establishments might be shorter. Sadly, I think this is true.

  2. I also have a list of stors I don't go to. Most of the LARGE BIG NAMED places that drive me crazy. I went into one 2 weekends ago with a friend and griped the entire time. Sure she loved it. I like online shopping and a small local grocery store for my necessities. My retired neighbor and I have a deal - I pay her and she prepares gourmet food and keeps my freezer stocked with it. It is hard to cook for 1 person.

  3. Those stockers must go to a school - they're so uniformly and standardly *surly* (you found the word). There's a whole list of things that set me off about my grocery store, and i write to them, and talk to them, but nothing changes.

    They stopped stocking the sugar-free *beredi*. (security word)

  4. Cute card Lydia, I will have to make some circle circus ballons too. Great Idea!


    Lisa Atha

  5. You know I always have your back, Lydia! Add to the list: the restaurant hostess who feels the need to complain to me about her day. I'll probably blog about this later...lol!

    Love the card...want to design a swap for me? ;-)

    Hope you have a great night...talk to you soon!


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