Saturday, July 18, 2009

It's not just ANY Caturday..

Remember this? Maddie waterboarding Punky under the bed?Or little Splotch having a snooze in my paw?
Or when Splotchy
And Maddie were just the size of rubber stamps?
When they were too little to have all their fur?
Well maybe you guessed it already - that was a year ago this Caturday!

Their first birthday is today - you have probably seen the celebrations all over the world on the news. I especially liked the ones in Rio de Janiero! The fireworks were spectacular!

Look how teeny they were when they were just fresh off the street - cast out to be little kitty hobos on the mean streets of Austin.

In contrast, today they ate sushi tuna and lounged around amongst their many shaky mice. They still have flashbacks to the hobo days, but life is pretty good for these two little rescues. And I love the little beasts. Even when Maddie wakes me up at 4 on a Caturday. I suppose she can be bad on her birthday.

Feel free to link to any sassy birthday cards you've made that you think they'd like to see! They love a good card.

Here's the one I made in honor of the occasion. The collars and the fish have little rhinestones, and I thought the crowns were fitting!! I used the new C is for Cat stamp set.
It's a very very special Caturday. Feel free to tell me how you are celebrating the momentous birth of little Madagascar Bat & Splotchy Paprika. :)

And have a fabby evening!

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  1. Wow, they really WERE tiny! Love their full names!

    I posted my "Bite Me" card to my etsy store today, so maybe that'll count as a b'day card for the little darlings.

    Happy Caturday!!!

    WV: amings. I'm amings to stamp sumpin' tonite!

  2. Wow those little fur babies were so tiny.

    It's amazing how fast they grow.

    Hope they have a fab b-day and get lots of catnip.


  3. A year already?? Wow, how time flies! They were so small! AWE! So what did they get for their birthday? I love that card! Give them a kiss for me!

  4. Awww, it's sweet to how little they were. Sad to say we lost one of our furbabies today. He was another one of those little odd kitties that started life as a stray. He had a good life and I'm so glad to see other people open up their hearts (and homes) for other lost kitties out there. Maddie and Splotchy are so lucky to have a Mommy that loves them so much and treats them as the special kitties they are!

  5. Ahhhhhh, I can't believe it has been a year already. They were so little. I will make them a belated b-day card and mail it to them. Please give them kisses for me.

    Speaking of kitties, we took Mittens to the vet Friday for her annual shots, she was one ticked kitty. The stress completely exhausted her, she let me sleep all night.


    Lisa Atha

  6. Happy Birthday to the two cutest little kitty fur-babies ever! I can't believe they used to be that teeny-tiny.

    Love the kitty card...the crowns are very appropriate since we both know that Maddie and Splotchy are royalty.

    See you soon!

  7. What a sweet post! As you know, I've been fascinated by the hairless cats, but I didn't know you could get teeny ones who were half-hairless. Happy birthday, Maddie and Splotchy.

  8. Precious & lucky kitt-ehs! I needs me a fur baby, like yesterday!!! Your card is divine. I love the fish with his eye to match the sparkly kitty collars. You too good! I am spending their bday night looking for a missing piece of stampiness. Could use a cat buddy or two to calm my nerves (or use distraction tactics!) ;o)

  9. Happy Birthday Maddie and Splotchy from King here in Canada. =^.^=

  10. Cooper the cat says "Meow Meow" which of course translates to "Happy Birthday" to S&M!!!!
    They must have some good KAT KARMA
    to have found such a wonderful home.

  11. Sheba says hi! and happy birthday to you guys!

    I love all the kitty stories and I am so happy that they have found such a wonderful home.

    Our kitty is very spoiled and life is good for her too!

    We are sad because we have had our 14 year old doggie run away and we are looking and looking for her. I hope that someone calls soon or finds her and turns her in.

    I hope that the birhtday celebrations are the best!!!

  12. Happy birthday Kitties! I've been trying to Twitter you, Maddie and Splotchy, but am having problems. I guess the fireworks in Rio de Janiero were interferring with my Twittering capabilities! It has absolutely nothing to do with your mom's video.

    WV-poomaxim- Now that you are all grown up, Maddie and Splotchy, I suppose you'll start having poomaxim's instead of poomini's.

  13. Happy birthday Maddie and Splotchy - from Smedley, Smudge, and Velvet!

    You were SOOO lucky to find Blue - for her to find the two of you.

    Love seeing those pix of you as babies - you were pretty danged cute!

    Cute card Blue made you, too! And you ARE royalty!

    As are we...

  14. Happy birfday kittehs. I gots U a prezent...

    luv aunt phinny

  15. Jayne S. & WebsterJuly 19, 2009 at 3:11 PM

    Webster would like to wish Maddie and Splotchy the happiest of birthdays! And of course, now HE wants to have something special like sushi tuna on his first birthday (which isn't until September, but I think he's already as big as M&S together)! Best wishes - a day late but just as sincere!

  16. Happy Birthday to you all! And lots of love winging your way through the ether M & S!

    Love the card and all the pic's (thanks for sharing the memories). Seizures have kept me out of the studio so I don't have a card to share but I did celebrate the little fur faces birthday with a special post on my new blog just for them that just co-incidentally began for reals on their birthday!

    One of these days I'll figure out how to add a video as well as a link but in the meantime hopefully Bernies place will get a few more followers and contributors as gifts for M & S. Granted I'm sure they would rather have more toys but now that they are grownups hopefully they can appreciate that its the thought that counts :D!

    Hugs and blessings and birthday wishes - Jean

  17. Those are two lucky cats!!!

  18. WOW!!! How did it get to be a year so quickly??? God was smiling on the day you adopted the 'Beasties'.
    Happy Birthday kitties!!

  19. Awww, so cute! Just started following your blog and am having a daily chuckle w/ you. Your card is perfect for the "royal ones".


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