Friday, July 31, 2009

If You've Ever Wanted to Know What Happens

when you ask the Twitterverse to help you with a card design, well - here you go.

I really needed a creative boost tonight. So I asked, and what I love about the result is that the only two people who answered the call were men.

Love you, my manly bloggy, twittery people.

Here are the responses I got, minus the funniest one, about my magazines, which I'll keep to myself.
The good news is - God bless you, Stampin' Up! - that I just so happened to have owls and beer!

So here you go!Celebrate making fun little connections with people who make you laugh and think outside the box today, won't you?


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  1. This is the best Owl and Beer card that I've ever seen!

  2. Well, leave it to men to let you know what's on their mind. The only other thing that I can think of that guys like are great looking girls.

    And you've got that covered.


  3. What a great card! Those stamps work perfectly together! I agree with yapha, it's the best owl/beer card I've ever seen!

  4. The CARD has a beer, but did YOU have a beer?

    Really cute card, by the way. Love the 'moon' glow.

  5. ok I know we had to be separated at birth...I so get really have me laughing every day.
    I too say Love ya, Mean It!
    Blue is my favorite color and you live in Texas... I love cats and I am a copy catter. Are you a native Texan?
    And I'm about to start a blog and I want you to learn me.
    Your work is beautiful and I case your stuff all the time and with my blog I'll be able to give you credit.

  6. OMG! I am LMAO! What a funny story! Love the card that came about because of it!

    I was wondering if you had a beer too, as you haven't answered my email earlier. Hmmmmmm . Tee Hee.


    Lisa Atha

  7. Love the card and how you made both ideas into one! I would have done 2 seperate cards. Love you quick wit and your style!

  8. My husband looks like an owl and I don't have a stamp set with an owl in it. Just crazy, just crazy I say.

    The really weird thing is that I look like a beer and don't have any stamp sets with a beer in it.

    Gonna have to get me some of that ribbon- it's fabby!

  9. Too Funny :)
    Cute post.."Love your Card"!!
    I'm a fairly new visitor to
    your blog and enjoying my visits.


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