Monday, October 24, 2011

I Need Some Bribe Money...

I need some bribe money.

We all know that the only way to get anything done is to bribe a politician, and so I need enough money to bribe one or two.

My cause is great.


Look - because I'm so befuddled by these STUPID time changes twice a year, which not only make me question the nature of time, relativity and our place in the universe, but also make me VERY cranky - I honestly don't care WHICH time needs to go away - the DST, the non-DST, whatever!!

It just needs to go away. There is no reason in the world that 7 AM should suddenly become 6 AM or 8 AM based on what a governing body decides.

The SUN decides our days, and time should not change because there's something some ding dong in Washington wants it to be dark while he's doing something shady.

Like taking a bribe.

From me.

To end it once and for all.

So please send me bribe money and I'll take care of it so we can all be happy like people in Arizona are. You're welcome.

Now in the light that is allotted to me by the government, I decided to experiment last week for Libby's Hope You Can Cling To challenge, which was to use paint, in honor of her grandmother, a breast cancer survivor.

I love all things painty, and I wanted to do something different from my normal acrylic/gesso type projects, so I chose Smooch for my card.

I took Moonlight Smooch and painted it on the background from Creative Elements. Look how finely detailed the paint stays!
Stamps: Creative Elements, Fabulous Phrases, Always Thankful Ink: Poppy Parade, Memento  
Cardstock: Poppy Parade, Whisper White, Lucky Limeade  
Accessories: ShinHan Touch Markers YR32 YR31 GY48 YE26 Y34 Y41 WG1 R140 T45, 
Circle punches, twine, Moonlight Smooch

Oh but wait. The best is yet to come!!

I learned the coolest tip from my beloved Mel last week!! I have never gotten used to my reverse tweezer thingies. They just break my brain. It's like when you're playing one of those flight simulator games and pulling up on the controller makes the plane go down. They just don't make sense to my paws.

HOWEVER, the brilliant, lovely and talented Mel posted about using them as a third hand when you are tying ribbon and BEHOLD!!!

Where have I BEEN?? This is such a breakthrough for me and my poorly tied bows. 
To celebrate this discovery, I thought I'd share some fun items from the Blue List for you for this week.

  • I got this book on coloring out of my closet this week and I learn something every time I go through it.
  • Since I was in the closet, I got out one of my fave cookbooks that I own to make the biscuit topped spinach/chicken pie. MMM. I've had this cookbook since 1992 and it has some of the best recipes. I adapted my own amazing meatloaf recipe from one in this book. I need to give some love to my old cookbooks.
  • And then I bought this tool, and this accessory because this is one papercraft I've never tried, and I want to!
What's on your faves list right now? Hopefully it's something that can be enjoyed during our government sanctioned light.



  1. Oooh, I hate time changes too! You know there is a place on the WhiteHouse website where you can start a petition - and if it gets a certain number of signatures in the first 30 days it will be considered by the President :)

    Thanks for passing on the tip for the tweezers. I haven't figured out mine and this seems very doable.

  2. Darlin! You are simply the bestest and THE cleverest. I love the smooch paint stamping. It's so delicate! And your basket of pears is coloured SO beautifully.

    You are also the sweetest, by the by! But all the credit goes to Amy: :o) Thanks for reminding me about that. Sometimes I link up people's clever ideas & then forget to use them.

    And thanks for lobbying for us to abolish the cruddy time change. Couldn't agree more. Fall back; Spring foward; "drop red" tape! Hah - That was the most satisfying spam word evah. :-D

    Love Ya madly! xox

  3. I SOOOOOOO agree with you on the time changes!!

  4. Thank you for you time and talent in your cards, I look forward to seeing them.
    I'm sorry, I'm retired and hear our Medicare Ins, will be going up, so I won't be able to send you any bribe money! :)

  5. AMEN, Sister! I say, AMEN! I intensely dislike the time change - and it doesn't matter which way it goes. My sleep clock takes at least a week to adjust. I don't know if I have enough bribe money to send you, but I will gladly stand with you AGAINST DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME!!!!!

    And what a cool idea for the reverse tweezers! I am going to have to get mine out and see if I can handle using them this way.

    You rock, missie!

  6. I could agree about DST but I love the fall morning when I get an extra hour of sleep.... I know, I know.... I could do that on my own, but it's like a gift I don't normally give myself. So I'll sign on the dotted line about the "spring forward". And lovely card and faves, by the way... *smile*

  7. Ummm...hello? Can I start with a WOWZA?! That is one seriously magnificent gorgeous card there, mamacita! Absolutely lovely. The smooch is so beautiful, subtle and yet NOT. (Does that make sense?) I really love it!

    And, yeah. DST just sucks.

  8. Ohhh I love the smoochy!! I used it on my paint card too! And can I hear a HEY YEAH!!!! Outlaw DST!!!! I can offer bribes in the form of chocolate and punkin bread!!! LOL

  9. Hmmm....I answered....I know I did....I wonder if I forgot to type in the anti spam word.....oh it's "pmagrop" this time! said that I loved your smoochy card (another anti spam word use! Ha!) and I used smooch on my paint card too!

    THEN I said I also want to abolish DST time and that I can bribe with punkin bread (see? yet another anti spam word!) and chocolate!

  10. Hi Honey,
    OMG! I always try to use the word verification in a sentence. I thought people figured I was nuts!

    Today's is maters....
    Jethro and Clemantine planted a garden and the only thing that grew was the to "maters"

    Big hugs,
    Di - from AZ, where I always know what time it is....ha!!!! ha!!!!

  11. QUILLING! I love quilling, but I stupidly sold all my toold a few years ago in a purging frenzy. I've wanted to get back into it, and have been searching quilling sites for tool suggestions. Do you know Mike's no longer carries them? At least my Mike's doesn't. :(

    Oh, and where is your Donate button thingie? Stoopid time changes.

    WV: gatsith
    Ith too early for thnow. I don't gatsith crazy weather.

  12. Oooo, this is just too easy! Yontopic* is one near and dear to my heart....ABOLISH the blasted DST. It does NOT add daylight hours, you get the same either way. As for saving energy, that's hogwash. You're either turning on the lights in the predawn hours, or in the evening.

    Oh yeah, love the card, too! :D

    *yontopic was span word


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