Thursday, October 6, 2011

Dear Steve Jobs.... Goodbye

There's no good description for how sad I am that the world has lost such a brilliant man, and lost him far too soon.

I know he had so much more to give.

I'm sad that this is the last of many of my posts that have begun with "Dear Steve Jobs" and usually ended with a hilarious auto-correct, or in one case, the I-Bra. I'm sad for his family and his company and his friends. I'm sad for all of us.

I have been thinking about how much of our lives have been brought to us by Steve Jobs. Our photos, our videos, our tweets, our Facebook feeds, our texts, our LOLcats and our Angry Birds. He made the things that are just a joy to interact with and give us a little anti-gravity in our everyday lives.

There was a joyful and creative human at the center of each of his products.

Other companies' technology seems to be designed to make you feel stupid.

Steve's technology makes us feel like geniuses. And like kids on Christmas morning. And like composers and moviemakers and comedians.

As my brother said, what Steve Jobs did was to provide an amplification of human creativity.

I can think of no greater gift to humanity.

God bless you, Steve. You changed the world.

If you don't see a video player, click here.


  1. Wow, very nice post and I LOVE your card! xo

    wv: hypercoo

    What pigeons do when they've had too much caffeine.

  2. Very nice tribute to Steve Jobs. Glad you included the video. :)

  3. A lovely tribute to a man that brought us so much. I think he would have loved that card.

  4. Very nice tribute to Steve Jobs, Lydia. Thank you for it. Also, great card.

  5. What a wonderful post. Thank you so much for voicing what I have been feeling since hearing the sad news.

    I love your card - a perfect tribute.

  6. He was a giant among men. I'm sure his inspiration germinated a seed in another creative soul that will one day change the world, too. Nice to know. Beautiful card!

  7. Great post and the video was awesome. I hadn't seen it before.

    Your brother's comment hit the nail on the head!

    He was a creative and unique individual that will be greatly missed.


  8. your post on Steve Jobs, Lydia....
    Excellent - AMEN!

    The world needs more Steve Jobs!!

  9. Beautiful tribute!! He will definitely be missed and he has left a legacy!

  10. It's so true. He did amplify creativity. And somehow he made it far more special to be a creative person. He made artists feel worthy of excellent tools and he connected visual beauty with digital function. What a loss. Here's hoping he's redesigning Heaven.

  11. What a lovely post, Lydia... Yes, Steve Jobs was a giant among men, women, and machines. I've always admired him for his genius and creativity, thinking outside the box... and now even more so for his 7 year battle with pancreatic cancer. A champion amongst champions, he was respected by many, and will continue to live on through his legend!

  12. This is truly wonderful! He and his brilliant mind is definitely missed and spoke of often. TFS ~ Karen


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