Friday, October 14, 2011

I'll Take Things That Scare Me for $1000, Alex

Well not too many things, really.

Tall bridges.




But not BATS!! I love bats!! I know people are afraid they will get in their hair and stuff (sorry Tammy!!) but I think they're adorable. I'd totally have one for a pet. I wish they could walk around though - how cool would it be to whistle for your pet bat and have him run across the house to you?

Anyway, several things sparked this completely random thought process about bats that walk upright.

First, this super fun tutorial using waffle paper. I thought - "I have waffle paper!!" However, I can't find my gold waffle paper, so I tried to think of a project I could use the black waffle paper on. Then, I realized that the only challenge I didn't have done yet for the Hope You Can Cling To Challenge was Wanda's AWESOME "Hang in there" challenge. This challenge was to incorporate a hanging image or hanging element into your card.


Because they can't walk. Or run across the house to you. See? See where my mind wanders?

Anyway, I used the bats from Out on a Limb, and I fringed some waffle paper with my scissors to mimic that rustly sound their little wings make. Spooky perfect!!! I cut the BOO with my ECraft.

Stamps: Out on a Limb Ink: Basic Black Craft Paper: Whisper White, Just Add Cake DSP, Basic Black 
ShinHan Touch Twin Marker YR133, Dazzling Diamonds Glitter

Now if bats scare you, what about puppies? Do they make you feel better?
Last night I got to hang out with some friends and thought I'd share some of the many doggies on the patio at this dog friendly haunt. Why so serious little dude?
And this little pup was the belle of the ball. So sweet and floppy. All the other dogs wanted to play with this one. 

What are your plans for the weekend? 


  1. I could totally see you with a pet bat. BONUS: no bugs! :D

    WV: cistorn

    Those puppies are so cute, but u cistorn as to which one I like the most.

  2. Hi Lydia, bats - no thanks! But, your card - totally cute! Love those bats! =) Such a fun card!
    hugs, Sarah

  3. You crack me up! Should we start calling you Bat Woman? I love your cute card!

  4. Adorable. And when Halloween is over you could use this image for a "Let's hang out" card. I'll make a deal with you... I'll capture one the bats that comes to live in my attic seasonally if you train it to walk... We could make millions. Lol.

    WV: quilcyth

    A quilcyth is a new Ronco product that can pen a letter or reap your wheat field.

  5. you crack me up - BATS HANG ALL THE TIME LOL!

    Thanks for the puppy pics. It totally helped to rid me of the bat hebby gebbies. Someday I'll share the story of when a bat flew out of my washing machine into my FACE! I KNOW it was trying to get in my hair! I still have PTSD over that..

    ughhhh -- gotta go look at the pups again.

  6. Here's a fun fact. Did you know that bats can't walk because the bones in their legs are too weak so support their body? Bats kind of freak me out though. I had one caught in a lampshade by my bed once and when I reached up to turn on the light, it flew out! AHHHHH! I'll remember that until I die. LOL

  7. Back in the 1970s a bat flew in through my skylight. Miss Riley, the cat in charge of security at the time, brought that little sucker down, and pinned him to the floor until I could get a coffee can over it. Marvelous team work. Nope. Don't wanna live with 'em.

    Try the Formosan "samingsh" - a new treat coming soon to a sushi bar near you!


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