Monday, October 31, 2011

Lord, I Hope This Day is Good....

You know that song by Don Williams - Lord, I Hope This Day is Good?

Here's the song if you've never heard it.You should listen to the whole thing before you read my modified lyrics so that you know how to sing it quietly to yourself. Ready? Okay - here are my lyrics:

Lord, I hope this day is good
I've sneezed more than any one human should
I should be thankful Lord, I know I should,
But Lord I hope this day is good.

Lord, have you forgotten me?
I've taken allergy shots faithfully,
I've got Benadryl on my nightstand,
So Lord, I hope you understand

I don't need cedar and I don't need molds,
Send down the flu bug Lord, send down the colds
But when you're planning just how it will be
Plan a good day for me.

You've been the king since the dawn of time
All I'm asking is a little less crying,
It might be hard for the devil to do
But it would be easy for you!


Sometimes I wonder why I live here.

Then I drag my sneezy butt over to East Austin to a gourmet milkshake truck food trailer, and I remember.

But still. I could use a break from the mold.

Today is the final day of the Hope You Can Cling To challenges, and I'm hosting the very last one. I decided to make it a sprint to the finish line - no slacking - so my challenge is a Costume Party!

Basically, you have to make a project that is the opposite of your normal style. So if you are a clean & simple stamper, you have to make a foofy card. If you're foofy, you have to go clean & simple.

For my stamping "costume" I went 3D, because I'm so not naturally a 3D project kind of girl.

I made a matchbox die "dresser" with 24 matchboxes and decorated it with some Lost & Found paper, brads and ribbon. I'll be doing a tutorial on this for Splitcoast later.

You still have tons of time to come play - the upload deadline is November 7th at noon central, and there is $7500 worth of prizes on the line - so what are you waiting for?

If you play in my challenge, the keyword for the Splitcoast gallery is HYCCT1131.


Bless me.


  1. I wondered if you'd do the last challenge for HYCCT! Love the dresser! I might decorate a box since I don't "do" 3D. :)

    wv: nesolies

    I'm not sure what they are, but they sound like they'll help with your sneezles.

  2. Yes, I say bless you too! I love the box. so pretty. Maybe I should make something like that?



  3. God BLESS you!!! Love your worked over words for this song, and I can't wait for this tutorial (though I might even start on it before you post it!) Have a fantastic "lot less sneezing" day! Hugs!

  4. Love your song -- the Northeast is definitely no better for allergies. I can't hear anyone because my ears are all stuffed up. That comes in handy when I'm around people who bug me.
    Love your 3D creation - gorgeous!
    PS - 2 scotchs later and my links were uploaded. It was like a miracle.

    God Bless you.

  5. What a project-love all the little drawers.

    Loved you song remake too-I can identify!!

  6. Aw! I hope you're feeling better. Your revised lyrics are fab- giggle giggle. Hope today is a GOOD day. And I'm freaking out over that matchbox dresser. 24 Match boxes. WOW!


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