Monday, October 17, 2011

I Ate a Bug, And Now I Don't Feel So Good

Well that's actually a quote. From Maddie.

I did not eat a bug. Or a lizard. But she obviously did.

Sunday came and she was suddenly very sick. Even her little cheeks were swollen. She didn't eat at all and just sat in my studio all day looking sort of glazed.

Then, whatever toxic creature she ate lost its hold on her late last night and she became herself again. I wonder if she remembers what it was so that she won't do it again. In all probability she will just eat another one and scare me to death soon. *sigh*

While she was languishing, I decided to work on a card - it was a crazy weekend so I didn't get much crafty time, but I didn't want to get too far behind on Hope You Can Cling To, so I thought I'd get cracking for Jessica's challenge to use a pink ribbon on a card.

I had seen some stunning paper tole samples on Splitcoast lately, and I wanted to try it for myself. Paper tole is like paper piecing, except with dimension.

I popped the clouds up with a single dimensional, then the balloon and the bunny with two layers of dimensionals for depth.

You'd think Blogger wouldn't tell me DIMENSIONALS is spelled wrong after the million times I've typed that word on this blog, right? But I digress.

Then on top of the bunny, the bow and his nose are popped up one more level with dimensionals.

The circle is Whisper White, and I rubbed it with Going Grey and cut it with my circle die.
Stamps: Oh, Chute from The Cat's Pajamas Ink: Black, Going Grey Paper: Going Grey, Whisper White, Lost & Found Accessories: Cloud dies, ShinHan Touch Twin markers (RP138, R8, P146), SU Sizzix Clear Circle die, scissors, dimensionals, sponge

Now you can't really see on the big pic, but the bunny and the clouds are all sparkly with Vanilla Shimmer Smooch!!

I Smooched my customers at my class this weekend. :) And they LET me :)

Now you'll want to smooch me for this - don't forget we're giving away more than $7500 in prizes for Hope You Can Cling To - so come play in our daily challenges! We're even giving away a ScrapBox!! Yepper - you heard me right. :) And all you gotta do is make cards and send them to the breast cancer patients at MD Anderson! How about THEM apples?



  1. When we were in Vegas this summer my mom was watching the dog at the farm. The kitty there likes to leave bits and pieces from the critters she catches on the porch to say "hey, look what I did, I'm a good kitty"". Unfortunately they are usually teeth or innards...well Ellie ate some innards and then was of course not feeling so hot! I hope she learned her lesson...but probably not! And cute bunny by the way:-) Glad the kitty is feeling better!

  2. This is gorgeous, hope the patient is all well again and sticks to a more sensible diet, Jo x

  3. I love this card. Every single sweet, shimmery inch of it. I think you may have just enabled me to buy that bunny stamp, too.

    Hope you and Maddie stay bug free! :)

  4. Nature's Buffet - It's the Other cat food. Syd thought Maddie should sleep 23 out of 24 for a few days. He says it's a tried and true cure for anything.

    Sometimes the most innocent-looking foods can be the most "Lialiess"

  5. Oh this is just so cute Lydia. I love that image.


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