Sunday, January 3, 2010

Keep your Panties off My Plane!

I'm flying this week. I'm going to Stampin' Up! Leadership (pauses for squeals and applause)! Yes, please stay tuned here, and on Twitter and Facebook for up to the minute news from Stampin' Up! It should be fantastic! I'll post pics and breaking news as is my usual style, and the antics of various friends, including Dana and Monique.

Anyway, it's a nervewracking time to travel, but just a few blue thoughts on that.

We can't all hide in our houses from these freaks. Nobody is more apprehensive about flying than me to begin with, trust me, much less right now. But the pantybombers win if we stop living our normal, everyday American lives because a bunch of cave dwelling scumbags are driven to do evil deeds by some poor genetic construction or bad water or sand fleas or whatever.

So, just pray for all the fun girls traveling to be together this week, and know, if something happens to me, that I guarantee you I'll be one of the people who have made the last few moments of the pinkpantybomber's life extremely difficult. :)

So we will move on to serious subjects like fully functional blue paper ladybugs, shall we?

My sister-in-law is having a baby in March, and I am having a little shower for her this month. I wanted to do something fun for the invites, so I stole an idea from Libby for these little ladybugs.

They're so easy to do! I cut the blue and black pieces together with the scallop die for the Big Shot, and then cut the blue one in half. The inside (white) is with the other scallop die that has three sizes. I punched half inch spots for the outside.

I engineered mine slightly differently than Libby's so that I could have a little popup head. I used my 1 3/8" punch to punch part of a circle out of the top of the wings. This way, when I attached the head with dimensionals, the wings could swing free of the head (half of a 1 3/4" circle.) The antennae are from the Swirly Sizzlits die. So here they are closed, without and with the head.

And here's the headless one so that you can see how the wings work.

The inside is stamped with Sincere Salutations and Buggies and Booties. They fit in a standard envelope! Whee!

Now for some sad news. we are going to have to check Splotchy into some sort of rehab.

We ordered Austin's Pizza the other night. I had a GREAT customer service experience with them on Twitter after part of our order was wrong, so they are a peachy company and they make DELICIOUS food! Their pizza rolls put Double Dave's to shame, in my opinion.

Anyway, after we ate, Splotchy went completely nuts over the little packages of cheese and peppers! Possibly, the reason everyone says Austin's Pizza is so good is that their food is filled with CATNIP!! :D

Here is the picture of Splotchy's gateway drug experience...

Oh, what is this? It smells delicious.
Oh. Oh my. I must rub my face on this. I can't get enough of it!Wow - the room is spinning.Whoa, man! I feel funny - I can't feel my LEGS! I am SOOOO David Hasselhoffed UP right now!Ohhh.... THUNK.Luckily, he has a good support system. :)It's Make me Laugh Monday - how bout you make me laugh in a comment to kick off the week, and I'll send you something from MEMENTO MALL at Leadership??


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  1. Such a great read! Maybe people should be made to fly commando, you think?

  2. I went to the movies today and noticed that over 60 got a Sr. Citizen Discount. I turned 60 two weeks ago so this was my first time to cash in so to speak. I ordered my Senior ticket and then said would you like to see my license to check my age? And the ticket lady said NO! So my face must be honest....or old.........

  3. Lydia,

    This card is a super cute idea, love it.

    Thanks for the kitty fix, they are so darn cute!


    Lisa Atha

  4. Your kitty kommentary it the absolute best!!!

  5. OMG! So funny, and so much better than dogs (in this instance I will admit). When my dog finds something to roll in (a little pinch behind both ears...) it isn't nearly as amusing and usually smells bad enough to require an immediate bath!! Did you get your twist tie card?


  6. Love the kitty adventures. I took down my (fake) Christmas tree this past weekend and my once feral kitty (who is now 3) looked at me and started chattering at the tree. I had only removed the top piece and she was extremely confused. She kept looking back between me and the tree. She usually climbs the tree and didn't know where to go! It was like she was asking me to put it back because it just didn't make sense to her to take it down! Can't wait to her about your Leadership adventures!

  7. Brownines have the same affect on me!!
    Thanks for sharing, love your site.

  8. Leadership adventure, so lucky. Just wanted you to know that my kitties love to see pictures of your kitties.

  9. Oh, how your tortoiseshell reminds me of my Emma! She disappeared almost 3 weeks ago, I'm so heartbroken!
    I LOVE the bag!

  10. Very funny about Splotchy! My little dog likes to rub himself around in the carpet cleaner - someone spills or makes a mess - i get out my spray bottle and before I even squirt it out he is already rubbing around with his back on the floor. I guess he wants the smell all over him or maybe he wants his smell back on my floor. Not sure which....thanks for making me laugh - although you wrote that on Monday and now it is Thursday and I'm at home freezing and now in warm Pheonix.
    Monika Davis

  11. methinks that cats love the stinky feet smell of the cheese packets. my kitty thinks that oregano is the bomb. must be like nip to her.Hope you loved leadership. o how i miss being able to do that!


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