Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Memento mall

Includes that cute black cardigan, a Ping golf shirt for men, the tote bag I posted, add on ribbon samplers, punch templates with the new punches, a Stampin' up! Logo decal for your car in 2 sizes, paper samplers, a little pen type hand sanitizer, pink and white flip flops, a pink Flaming series beach towel, and the charms...

Lydia B. Fiedler


  1. Ooooh! New punch templates for the new punches!! It all sounds great. Thanks for sharing.

  2. you look like you are having so much fun...the pictures are amazing. I love it all, keep it coming and thanks for keeping us updated :)

    W.V. Indshint. I'm wearing a positively indshint pair of undies, I hope i don't get hit by a car on my way to purchase some new ones. :)


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