Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wedgewood Press

It should come as no surprise to you that I think the absolute tip top extra super beautifuliciousest china in the world is.. Wedgewood.
My mom had little plates and boxes and pieces of this heavenly blue stuff that just made my eyes feel like they were singing. Later, she gave me these little heart boxes - every year, Wedgewood makes a heart box that's slightly different - different color and a different pattern. The pale yellow one I have looks so beautiful next to the blue. This is a company that loves blue, which is not unusual, but they did something with it.

I was looking at my heart box the other day and thought I could do a simple Valentine that was at least a partial tribute to this gorgeous stuff. Texture is half the charm, so I used that sassy Scalloped Heart of Hearts embosslit, some ribbon and the Well Scripted greeting.

Too simple to do the Wedgewood justice, but I get part of the way there, yes? Untraditional Valentine #2...
Stamps: Well Scripted Paper: Brocade Blue, Watercolor Paper Ink: Basic Black
Accessories: Scalloped Heart to Heart Embosslit, Big Shot, Vanilla Satin Ribbon, Dimensionals (All Supplies Stampin' Up!)
What are you guys up to? Do you want a funny Valentine story to prep you for cranking out your kids' treats? Check out my beloved little Paperbat's stroll back through time..

Tell me what you're doing for Valentine's Day - or, even better, link to some of your creations so we can all see.


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  1. Beautiful card! Oddly enough, I made a Valentine's card that reminded me of Wedgewood as well. I wish I had a blog or website so you could see it. Oh well.
    BTW have you seen the Wedgewood made in green?

  2. Beautiful, elegan and clean! IT reminds me of a tiffany's box though, sadly I"ve never gotten one.

  3. Yep, you captured the "feel" of the elegance of Wedgewood. Happy Heart Day...isn't every day one to have a happy heart??? (No pursed lips or "snotty" eyebrows!)...yeah, I read the story!

  4. How pretty! Simple is often the best. And now if you'll excuse me, I think I need to go buy that heart die ...

  5. Lydia ... your artistic nature not only comes out in the art you make but in the words you use. You create a picture in our minds' eye when you say things like ... "made my eyes feel like they were singing." As a singer, that phrase struck a note in me! As a stamper, your card is just as striking!


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