Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Last Day in Pictures

Well, it's our last day, so here's less than 1,000 words :)

First - the 3 amigas - Dana, Monique and me. A real life Tweet-up. Then me and a beloved blog reader & frequent commenter - Georgann Ganas!! She sat with us today, even though I got a case of incurable giggles!A cute valentine from the tag dieBEAUTIFUL flowers made with the eyelet border punch.A peek at samples from an upcoming set that we can win if we have a $400 workshop before January 24thHere's what happens when a former pitcher for the Yankees wanders into your photo session.One of Shelli's vintage cards..
Shelli teaching us how to ruffle ribbon by pulling the threads
Yet another beautiful bird with the On Board Bird Book
Adorable chocolate bunny card w/glassine envelope
One day, in the glass elevator, while going up, I saw this and snapped a pic. Is there a bunny out there???I couldn't resist trying to find him, and find him I did. Wascally Wabbit.
Thank GOD I didn't have to be out of town without seeing naked bunny men
Or ginormous wire tornadoes
Or amazingly delicious breakfast at Matt's Big Breakfast, as seen on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives
During which I sat next to this adorable art
And these, at Starbucks, I thought were beautiful
Now, I gotta go to sleep so I can go home tomorrow. Thanks for hanging in with me. Back to regular programming now :)

Have you signed up for the UBlue Cyber Club? Attended one of my Webinars?? Come on - get your geek on! :)

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  1. YAY Lydia, thanks for taking us along on this wonderful trip! It just feels so good to see the three of you together! Mimosa Time is always a good time!

  2. oh! You stayed at the Hyatt. ;o) I recognize the bunny men!

  3. HE WORKS WITH US?! Sweeet. heh heh

    And I am so glad I was not at your table with the giggles, cuz I would have been snorting and probably have had to leave the room. Or maybe hide under the table. No, that would have been worse. I was DYING laughing and I was not even THERE!

    Glad you guys got to meet Moe. Can't wait for July and Convention! xo

  4. Dean totally made me crack up because he said "Look, suicidal rabbits are in her hotel! They're jumping to their deaths!"



    I can't go brobless or I would scare someone!

  5. Thanks for the information re: leadership - it was like being there! I liked your photos - even though I've checked out other blogs, yours is the only one I've seen that had all the quilts and fabric stuff. Love your blog and your pics - I get all unisere just lookinhg at them!

  6. Lydia!! Thanks for your awesome post on Leadership - so fun! Your pics and commentary are perfect ! So glad you got to meet up with our twitter pals :)


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