Thursday, January 7, 2010

Toy, Joy, and Blue Travel Tips - Day 2

Day two is here! I have just enough time before dinner to summarize things for you.

First, some blue travel tips, since people ask me travel questions a lot. I will give you my list of things I always do when I go on these trips.
  • Always bring a small bar of soap. While most hotel soap is fine, sometimes, like this trip, hotels bring in a team of hookers to choose the scent of the soap they provide. As I do not relish smelling like a hooker, I'm always super stoked and smug about my brilliant soap idea. Soap is cheap. Smelling like a hooker - bad cheap.
  • I research restaurants thoroughly before leaving home, usually on I try to eat local and NEVER at a chain so that I can fully experience the town I'm in. I also do not want to get Ebola, so the research is critical. Do not rely on user generated content site - usually just angry people add comments to those. Go with an objective rating service. Also, did you know that concierges are treated to all sorts of goodies by local restaurants? Maybe this doesn't influence some, but I'm pretty sure it influences most recommendations. I've not had too many good experiences at concierge recommended joints, but Zagat rarely fails me.
  • I leave the Do not Disturb sign on my door the whole time I'm in it. I don't have to worry about my stuff, and I can make my own bed. I've never run out of towels, but that's easy to fix if you do.
That's my best advice for today, other than to just talk to people. Every city is so different and it's fun to find out the personality of a place.

Phoenix is such a warm, friendly place. I'd say (always excluding the Great Republic of Texas, which occupies the top spot) that it's second only to Memphis in friendliness.

Wanna see some pics? Of course you do. You probably skipped all this. In which case you'll miss the million dollar prize. How sad for you. :)

So here you go.

A beautiful baby shower table setting. To the left, notice the bird on a nest. That is the bird on-board chipboard, that you stick down to the table cloth with a pop up glue dot! Brilliant! Then pile raffia around.

A board or two that really caught my eye. I'm sorry about the board photos - the railings were so far away from the boards that even my digital SLR and zoom took horrible pics.

Pam Morgan made these ADORABLE wrist corsages out of the felties from the Occasions Mini. Her demonstration was filled with amazingness.

EEEEK - Shannon West - sweetness personified - took the Heart On Board Book pieces and made a heart candy box. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
Then lookie - she made an old fashioned closure with the little heart punch for a glassine envelope!
She turned a big heart into an envelope holding this sassy card.
This is what it looks like closed!
I thought the stage today was stunning. It looked like a beautiful parlor. Shelli's outfit was typically sasseriffic!
Updates from today include:
  • A recruiting challenge, where the prize is Shelli demo'ing at your workshop
  • An electronic customizable upline handbook you can give to your group
  • DBWS that allows a blog, or RSS feed from an existing blog, as well as your live Twitter feed, and access to the HTML.
You've heard "He who dies with the most toys wins" right?

Today we heard "She who dies with the most JOY wins." < I prefer this :)

Hello to Sam and Andra and Candy and the other readers I've met here! xoxoxoxo - so cool to meet you guys!!!

Have you signed up for the UBlue Cyber Club? Attended one of my Webinars?? Come on - get your geek on! :)

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  1. Such coolness I almost always take a soap/shampoo bar with me when I travel, but I am not sure about regulations any more. Will they drill holes in it to make sure it is not housing soapy explosives? Just think, when it explodes, the plane would be filled with soap bubbles. HA!

    Do I win a prize cuz I noticed all your watermarks are different? Huh, huh, do I?

    Sounds like you are having a great time. Keep up the fab reporting!


    WV: duffice. (pronounced doo-ffice) noun.
    I wish that duffice in front of me would turn off his speaker phone.

  2. Ok, it must be said. Sorry...your ego may inflate here, but I guess that's my ego talking. YOU are fabulous. You just make me smile. You can blog about anything and even if I'm having a stuck in 8" of snow and am crabby just make me smile. So thank you for your posts, pics, updates and ramblings. We love to read every word...and we don't scroll past the text. :)

  3. Even your comment direction section makes me smile. Thanks for another wonderful day of fabulous description of Leadership.

  4. Such fabulous inspiration you are getting! Glad you are enjoying it so much.I read it all too LOL I didn't scroll past anything - you are too funny to skip a part!

  5. OKAY, please tell me there's a template for the box and the heart envelope!! those would be fabulous for classes/workshops!

    if they exist, can you share?

    btw, i always bring along my own liquid body wash when i travel, as well as a scubber. can't stand bar soap and can't stand washcloths.

    if you ever come here to visit, there will be no danger of anyone invading your suite! no sign required!

    any good sushi in phoenix?

  6. Girlfriend, it was such a joy to get to see you at Leadership. I just wish we could have hooked up and spent some real time together. Hugs!

  7. Yes, is the heart envelope template available? Also, in the mini "It's your Birthday" cards, what is used for the little leaves? Those aren't from the same Sweet Pea felt pack, are they??


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