Saturday, January 30, 2010

I'm not Lion..

Life Happens. Love Helps.Stamps: Fox & Friends, Vintage Vogue, Solid Stripes Ink: Bordering Blue, Chocolate Chip
Paper: Whisper White Accessories: Dimensionals (All supplies Stampin' Up!)

Life happens, as bad kitty shows unsuspecting kitty
Love (washing bad kitty while secretly sticking out tongue) helps.
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  1. so cute how you made the lion!!!! You clever girl!
    LOL @ the kittehs..

    WV..ECONCENT as in..
    I give my ECONCENT to shop online...

  2. two queries:
    1) did you hand stripe that paper for the mane? i don't see any DSP in the recipe list...

    2) how IN THE WORLD did you so cleanly and neatly cut out that head?!?! if you would provide a little tutorial, that would be fantabulous!

    great your style, woman!

  3. Your little lion is just ADORABLE!! Love it, Lydia!!

  4. Sweet card. Simple & awesome.

    PS Unsuspecting kitty looks like my cat Penny....:o)


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