Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Best Part of Christmas Shopping?

Getting to sit in the bag.

Had to share since you guys haven't seen the beasts lately. Splotchy has been sitting in this bag off and on for three days. I can't bring myself to throw it away..

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  1. Bags and boxes rule! You are a good mom to keep the bag for Splotchy.


  2. Wow, he's good! My kitteh would knock it over, THEN get into it. He just sits there, staring at the inside of the bag? Too cute.

  3. Awe, it looks like she is playing hide and seek from Maddie. Tee Hee. Too cute, keep the bag, what the heck.


    Lisa Atha

  4. I can't throw away the SU packing paper or any boxes because Chibi loves to "nest" in them! You're a good momma! :D So cute!

    Make me think of Maru in a box (youtube)!!

  5. She's probably hiding from Maddie! LOL! Cats do the weirdest things, guess that's why we luv em.

  6. Oh cats do love bags and boxes. So glad he's enjoying it! Thanks for keeping it for him to play. He looks similar to my Gizmo. Love my babies too, as I know you do. TFS

  7. How cute! It IS hard to throw away any of their playthings (especially when they look so cute with them and they obviously love them)! What I want to know is how Splotchy manages to get in the bag and leave it standing upright...


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