Friday, December 18, 2009

The Best Way to Spread Christmas Cheer...

Is singing loud for all to hear....

It's true. I know because it's from Elf, one of the top three Christmas movies in the history of Christmas. (The other two are Christmas Vacation and the original Die Hard, in case you were wondering).

For many of us, a good chunk of the joy of Christmas is the chance to revel in its lovely and cheery and positive music. I think I sing out loud more at Christmas than any other time of the year, and despite the fact that I can't sing, I sing a LOT. :)

Anyway, I thought I should make a card that was quiet other than the music, so I made a little Christmas ditty with no words, just music.

I took sheet music, hand cut trees out of it and sponged Cool Caribbean around the edges. Then I added stickles on top of that.

Then, inspired by my beloved Mel and by Karla, I came up with this layout.

For the 3D "snow" I used the new Stampin' Up! dotted embossing folder for the Big Shot from the upcoming Occasions Mini. I cannot get enough dots!! For the curved top I just used my circle die after I had already cut the panel for the front of the card. Easy.

Here's a closeup.

I hand cut the little hills at the bottom.

So I hope your heart is singing with holiday goodness, and to make sure it is, here's a video with one of my favorite Christmas songs, and a beautiful and sweet home video from some random family in Utrecht. The animals at the end are precious. If you don't see a video player below, click here to see it.

Talk to you soon. Loveyameanitbye.

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  1. WHAT?! What happened to "It's a Wonderful Life" and "Miracle on 34th Street"? WHA?!

    Oh, and I LOVELOVELOVE your card!

    WV: salatin
    When you go to the salad bar, you put your salitin your bowl.

  2. I love, love, love, love Elf!! I also love, love, love, love your card!!! :) The color combo is fab-u-lous and the touch of glitter is perfect. Love it!! Oh, wait, have I said that already? LOL Merry Christmas!!!

  3. Woman! You are just glorious! I love the music paper, the embossing, the glitter. The perfect curves of the shy & hills. And of course turquoise. PURE Loveliness! I wanna find something with dots now! :o)

  4. Wonderful card and I agree that you have to sing loud!!!! We just had our annual christmas choir presentation at work from the work choir and I desided to join this year. Only thing is I could not get them to sing my favorite song "Go Tell It on the Mountain" of course I wanted to sing it all by myself.

    Thanks for the happy video it was

  5. Love that card! Jeff says, have you seen "A Christmas Story"? That might make your list. But we just saw Die Hard, and I have to agree...

  6. Love you, love your cards,
    The random family in Utrecht. ;-)


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