Saturday, December 5, 2009

Dear Steve Jobs

Dear Steve Jobs,

I need you to design a bra.(My thought upon waking this morning)

I had this thought as I was wrestling with a jogbra - the non-magician equivalent of a straightjacket, except much more difficult to get in and out of. Also, in a straightjacket, you do not look as though you are hiding a baby seal in your shirt. After I had exhausted all the obscenities I knew, the light went off. The best designer in the world needs to tackle the bra.

The basic design hasn't changed since it was invented. The CONTENTS haven't changed for millenia. Please, Steve? For me? Think of the gratitude of all the chicks of the earth.

I've made a mockup for you.

I give you .. The IBra. It only has four apps, which you should be able to figure out for yourselves if you look closely. The slide to open should bring joy to all who see it. Please let me know when it's done, Steve. I love you.I will be in line at the Apple store when this baby hits the market, believe me. And I'll pay whatever.

Now, speaking of technology, several of you wanted to know why I think the Stampin' Up! unmounted stamps are superior. So, for Sue and everyone else, here goes.

After you remove the die cut cling mount stamp from the sheet, you remove a die cut backing from the matching label, leaving the label on the sheet. The die cut stamp and the die cut label are exactly the same size and shape.
Remove the backing from the back of the stamp also, to expose the cling mount. Set it down on the label, lining up the edges. See how the other label still has a protective cover on it?
The label will stick to the cling mount of the stamp, like this:and then when you put the stamp on your acrylic block - LOOKIE - YOU CAN SEE THE STAMP DESIGN - EXACTLY WHERE IT WILL BE WHEN YOU STAMP IT!Pretty sure if Steve Jobs wasn't busy working on my bra, he'd be kicking himself that he hadn't thought of this.

Good design is sooo important. God bless the Steve Jobs and Stampin' Up's of the world.

And on a serious note, God bless the 109 victims of that horrible nightclub fire in Russia and their families. What a tragedy. Russia has had a difficult few weeks - the terrorist attack, and then this. Say a little prayer for those people.

I picked out the new little Russian Matryoshka stamp for my card, since they were on my mind.

I love this image. Nesting matryoshka dolls are some of my favorite objects in the world, next to my IBra, because they are both ingenious and beautiful.

Nearly everything on this card except the ribbon and paper is from my Occasions mini pre-order! The striped background on the oval is made by stamping the new Solid Stripes in pink, then lining it up and stamping again in brown to make the alternating pattern.

Stamps: My Matryoshka, Solid Stripes Ink: Pretty in Pink, Chocolate Chip, Memento Tuxedo Black
Paper: Chocolate Chip, Whisper White, Pretty in Pink
: Large Oval Punch, Perfect Polka Dots Embossing Folder, Scallop trim border punch,
Sweet Pea Stitched Felt
dimensionals, Big Shot, Ovals Die

What are you doing this weekend, besides putting the IBra on your wishlist? :) Leave me a note :)

Oh and for Mary B in Milpitas - the die I used on last night's project is in the big catty - it's the Bitty Box & Envelope die.

Loveyameanit(especially you, Steve Jobs)bye.

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  1. Hi Lydia, beautiful card! You've changed my mind on the nesting dolls stamp! And thank you for pointing me to the mini-pizza box die!
    I'll be right behind you in line for the iBra! lol.
    -MaryB in Milpitas

  2. Great! Why didn't I order that nesting doll set?!!!? This is stinkin cute!!!
    Oh--and I would totally buy an Ibra--and pay whatever too!
    I'm tired of uniboob!!!
    You've inspired me again you Craft Goddess you!!
    Many thanks :)

  3. Oh, you are SO right about jogging bras!!! Thanks for the visual image - and the laugh!
    And I love your card made with the nesting dolls... that wasn't on my "have to have" list, so don't be trying to tempt me with all kinds of adorable samples like this one, okay?
    Have a great caturday!

  4. Lydia, I'm so surprised to finally see non-wood mounted stamps from SU!. Are they moving towards that? Or is the mini catalog just a test to see how they are accepted.

    Beautiful card. The stitched felt is a perfect addition.

    Side note to Mary B in Milpitas...we live in the same town.

  5. Surprisingly, I am not sure about the IBra, but what a funny story!

    Love this card, so pretty!


    Lisa Atha

  6. Well, I think I am going to try not to think of the IBra whiile in church this morning, so as to not start giggling during the sermon.

    Gorgeous card, as always. Thanks for enabling me to put my pre-order in.

  7. There is no way that I could ever have a uni-boob, the one thing I want most in life. So, good luck on the bra search and shut-the heck-up!

    Those stamps- see, SU! has the original Kool-aid! It's powerful and ingenious! Sigh- want some- more than a powerful uni-boob. It's just the way that I am!

    Kute card my dear!

    WV-kebeil- something that leslie might have to teach me about- it's prolly a Jewish head thingy or an awesome food.

    P.S. I love you Leslie!♥♥

  8. Lydia, I am LMAO!!! That bra would be amazing. If only... I really like your card and thanks for the heads up on the SU unmounted stamps.

  9. OMG, if that is what you wake up thinking about, what the heck goes through your mind during the day???? Love the card and thanks for showing the stamp and benefits. I never saw acrylic stamps or understood the excitement about them before. Think I'll have to try them now! Do they come in smaller cases?

  10. I LOVE that stamp set!!! Is it for sale?


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