Friday, December 25, 2009


Merry Christmas, my beloved readers! I hope you are having a fun holiday and got lots of pressies that you're squealing over right now. I want to tell you that you guys are the best present a girl could get and I love every chance I get to interact with you!

As usual, I overthink my Christmas card every year. This year took longer than most. This is because I want it to mean something every time I make one, as I send it out to lots of good friends, and is my most important card of the year.

This year, I decided early that my theme was peace. Not peace as in war, but internal peace.

I think that peace on earth starts with just human peace, and this year, that was tough. Many people I know lost their jobs or have been otherwise affected by some terrible economic events. It's really been leaving no stone unturned.

But people found some truly amazing and wonderful occupations that are free, brought great joy and replaced some of their worry with peace. I watched this with awe and admiration.

Many began to focus all their spare energies on their Etsy shops. Some worked hard on getting published, or getting on design teams. Lots of my friends found the wonderful, hilarious, happy and sometimes profitable world of Twitter. Some friends rode their bikes more, learned golf, or taught themselves to knit. Most found that charity was more important than it had ever been in their lives.

It was truly a magical year that way, and I'm grateful for all of these things. If nothing else, Christmas should bring us all that basic human peace and gratitude that steadies us through the rest of the year. I hope it has done this for you.

After many false starts, I realized that in all of these things, it was simplicity that comforted people the most. And nothing says simplicity like white. So this is where I landed.

I hope this Christmas brings you peace, and comfort and joy. Thank you for being here.

Merry Christmas.


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  1. What a lovely post. Thank you so much for being a friend and for sharing yourself and your talents will all of us. I feel richer for knowing you. Merry Christmas!

  2. A wonderful post and a beautiful card! Peace to you.

  3. what a stunner! this was worth waiting for!

    i want to know how you cut the oval...was it with your BS? no coluzzle could do that good a job.

    it's wonderful to know you...your presence is a bright spot in my life.

  4. Hope your Christmas was full of peace and joy. Thank you for your wonderful words and beautiful art.

  5. ~~~
    I love this Christmas card. MY, what a beautiful message.

  6. Absolutely LOVE your card!! Doves are a running theme in my life. I have a dove tattoo :)

    I would be honored to have one if you have any extra!

    And I would like to send you a New Year card, since I did not do Christmas cards this year.

    E-mail me your address!!



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