Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Gonna do a little tribute every now and then for some of my favorite retiring sets. As usual, some make me so sad. I have them, of course, but can't use them in my camps etc. after they retire because - well it's CRUEL to show some perfectly nice stampin' peeps something they can't have! How would YOU feel?

So here's the first black armband ditty - Perennial Favorites. I love this stamp set for its modest simplicity and boldness. I love the font of the little seasons. I love that it only takes up four square inches in my bookcase I love it all. And I will miss it!

This card has a mournful simplicity! I panicked because I almost ran out of Basic Grey, which I love, so I ordered ten million packages and kind of feel like I should use it, ya know? So I combined it with that stunning silver hardware (the card almost weighs three pounds now), my Spica Silver Glitter Pen and a piercing template from my friend Vicki!!! Thanks Vee!! It's one of those round plastic canvas dealies that are used for needlepoint. It's just fabulous for this!! I accented the wings of the cut out butterfly with my clear spica glitter pen and my silver spica. Topped it off with a rub on from Love & Happiness.
Oh, and speaking of Vicki - lookie lookie!!!!!

Vicki sent me (& my club girls) this gorgeous simple card with a stunning embossed image. I can't get enough of this color. She is kind of the queen of embossing. Check out her gallery. She does amazing work with Zindorf's techniques also. Very talented, sweet and generous woman, my friend Vee.

Hope Tuesday is going well for each of you. I missed my show today. :( Anybody catch it?


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  1. Hey girl!

    I got the show...but for some reason my stupid DVR did not record the first 2 minutes of it. All the rest is safe and secure on the DVR though, and I am going to start burning the first 3 episodes to disc today in case I have some DVR crisis....lol.

    The mini book you made was wonderful! Little bit even laid on the couch and watched the entire show and talked about how pretty it was! Start 'em young I say...lol.

    Have a great day!


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