Monday, June 16, 2008

Bad Hair Day?

Yeah - you know what I mean. But first, some flowers...

I saw a very similar card on page 164 of the Cards magazine I got today - it's the July edition.

I thought of Embrace Life for two reasons - first, because the shape lends itself to this big bold color blocking. But more importantly because it's so tempting to do delicate asian colors and patterns with this set, and I think it deserves some color sass. So color sass it is.. I used Copics for coloring, and the Crop a Dile for the little punched out dots in Cool Caribbean, Green Galore and Summer Sun. I used the Gift Labels set for the greeting. I love the little shiny rain dots - there's one in the greeting and several on the "weed" in the background, which is highlighted with a white gel pen.

Then, a Rango Zoo image to cap a bit of a bad hair day. Love those old fuzzy Stampin' Up! Fibers. And more exciting, today I received 8 GAZILLION greetings from the new Starving Artistamps sentiments OMG - head over and look what you can SAY!!!

Then, finally, more meditation on the postal service. You know I love mail, and I'm amazed how much of it gets to me and from me to other people for a relatively low cost. But what I will never understand is why there is no business sense in some of these large arms of government. Ponder for a moment, the cost of doing the following:

Getting a piece of mail in the post office.

Processing it.

Realizing that it's 20 cents shy of full postage.

Taking out from a drawer which contains some arcane supplies, up to and including this retro envelope.

Writing the name and address of the unsuspecting recipient in the appropriate one of the 87 possible lines on the retro envelope.

Putting said envelope with recipients bundle of mail.

Letting the bewildered and frustrated recipient search for 2 dimes and put the envelope back in the box. (Where is the mail at this point? Is there some sort of postal Gitmo, where debtor mail is held and waterboarded until said recipient coughs up some coin??)

Picking up the envelope - COUNT THE CHANGE!

Keeping track of the change in your vehicle.

Returning and turning it in at the Gitmo window, which I imagine has bars and a grumpy old lady smoking a stogie.

Retrieving the exhausted post confession mail piece.

Performing some elaborate accounting entry to account for the order that has been restored to the universe with my twenty cents.

Depositing the twenty cents.

Driving BACK over to my place and giving me the letter.

FOR TWENTY FREAKING CENTS??!!!! Seriously - if it's a damn Pottery Barn catalog, there's a good chance you're gonna see me on the news!!

Have a great night.


  1. ROFL!!! I have never understood the intricasies of how our postal system works, and now I am glad I don't. If you need bail money, just use your dime to call me...I'll come spring you from the pokey.

    Love the cards, after biking with the little one to and from swim practice I look like the big blue bad hair day monster. Have a great day!

  2. Love the cards but, love the postal story better!!!!


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