Tuesday, June 3, 2008

This Station is Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Okay, so the show premiered today and we learned a few things!!! #1 - halfway through the episode, the sound cut out. YIKKKKKERS - so a whole project was done all mime-style! I'm not kidding! Really embarassing! Also, the size they gave us for the credits must not have been correct, because our production credit screens were a little clipped on the sides. HOWEVER, it did air, and everything else looked really good, so next week should be spectacular! :)

I'm timing it so I have a very patriotic card right before July 4th - I'm excited!

So hang in there with me!

1 comment:

  1. rrraaaaaar. our cable went cRazY today and the DVR didn't record the show. i suck. i am so sorry. not to mention that when the cable went out, so did our phones and internet. yes, we were in a cave today.

    is there any way i can catch the show some other way?? MAN.


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