Monday, June 2, 2008

My TV Debut

Hello everybody - several of you have been asking about the show, so here's an update for you. The show airs tomorrow, Tuesday, June 3rd, on Channel 11. This is a Time Warner Public Access Channel, so all you DirecTV subscribers (like me!!) are out of luck here! Anyway, it airs at 1 PM, and will be on every Tuesday, same time same channel from now until September. Please be gentle - it's a very amateur production!! But I will say they get better as they go along - for example, the one we voiced over last night was much better than the first two - when I started voicing them over I was so worried about getting what I was saying synced with the video that I sound a little robotic. The third one I actually sound like a human somewhat resembling myself, with the occasional joke, etc.

Kim is recording them for me, sweet lady, and I'm hoping to get QuickTime movies to be able to post here for those of you not in Austin. If you are in Austin, I've also sent in promos that should be running at other times. The picture above is the intro to my show and will show up on the promos - hopefully you recognize it :).

I went to the opening of Craft Magazine here in Austin yesterday and it was great! I met some people from DIY and some amazing local craft queens. Just incredible. More on what this means later.
Here's a project we might do at club this weekend - I'm still trying to sort out the projects because I've seen so many things this week that I love that it's hard to narrow it down!!

This is an adorable little treat container (Martha Stewart) that's made for food - waxed on the inside with a mylar window. Yvonne gave me these to play with - thank you!!! The large red star is the On Board Chipboard, covered with Real Red cardstock and trimmed with my Martha Stewart craft knife. The center blue star is Ballet Blue, punched with my Stampin' Up! star punch. The oval is made with my Nestabilities oval templates. The greeting is stamped with the tag shaped stamp from Dad's Day and punched with my tag punch. I found the ribbon in the Michael's dollar bin.

Hope you guys have a great week - I'm pooped - we voiced late tonight - I need to sleep!!


  1. I am so excited! I just can't wait to see you tomorrow! The DVR is all set to tape. All you need to do is let me know if you want each episode on it's own DVD or if you want me to put them all on one. I know they will all be great Lydia...and you have us cheering you on!

    Talk to you soon...


  2. oooooooo...i wish i could see this! be sure to bring dvds of them to convention, so that we can view them slumber party style in one of our rooms!

    i like the project...where'd you get the "happy dad's day" stamp?


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