Friday, June 6, 2008

Important Update!

I have changed the address of my Stampin' Up! Demonstrator Website - please bookmark my new site -

With that out of the way, let's have a little fun.

First, I finally got to meet Kim, and she is just as wonderful in person!! She was nice enough to show up dressed in the most heavenly turquoise blue with a gorgeous blue necklace! :) She also brought me a BEEEEEAUTIFUL card and a candy bar slider. I promptly ate the Hershey Bar for dinner, since I didn't really have time tonight for real food! What a lifesaver! The card is a stunner - made with one of my all time favorite stamp sets. Absolutely gorgeous!
And man, is a Hershey bar extra yummy in combination with Wild Sweet Orange Tea!
I think along with a bone in filet, a nice cabernet, artichokes and pumpkin pie, I would like to add orange chocolate to my death row meal. Please tell the governor should I ever be sentenced! :)

You can't see it on my messy desk, but I'm experimenting with my stamping surface. I bought one of those See Dees mats to stamp on after reading about Michelle Zindorf's method. I'm adjusting to it - it makes my work surface smaller which I'm trying to get used to, and sometimes I forget and start using my craft knife or my hole pokey thingy and that is not good. But if I just love it after a while I'll let you know.

Now - for you Lost fans - you know that metallic grinding sound that the island makes? Well one of my neighbors decided to make that noise in their driveway until midnight last night. Yeah... I think you probably understand why death row is on my mind tonight. Don't think I didn't consider it!
I got up early to walk - about 5:45, and toyed with the idea of making some Lost noises of my own, but decided to live and let live :). My walk was an adventure as usual. After catching up with my beloved Sbux employees (who made an outstanding quad short breve no foam latte today, btw!!) I set off into the uncharacteristically cool June morning. It was gorgeous. Along the way, I discovered the bug of the day. This giant beetle is yet more evidence that yes, everything's bigger in Texas! Unfortunately, some careless driver ended his life before I got there (how the HECK did he miss him lumbering across the road??) but I would like all my friends from points north to imagine something like this flying around trying to get stuck in your hair on a summer night!! We have to be tough girls down here, I tell ya!!
When I got back, I saw that my heavenly blue morning glory had bloomed for the first time this morning. (Heavenly Blue is the actual name of the plant :) - it's a perennial morning glory and absolutely my favorite plant ever). Isn't it a stunner? I could stare at these flowers until I go into a trance, I tell ya. They're so blue they almost hurt your eyes.
Later today I will post my other club projects - you already saw the box, but I have a 4th of July card, a pretty pastel girly card, and a blue card that I think is just a complete sassmonster of a project - I hope you like it too!!

Have a good morning!


  1. I have that exact same beetle species living at my house right now. The other day he decided to nest on my garden hose, which would have been just fine, except that I discovered it as I was rolling the hose up and touched him. EEEEKKKK!!!! Luckily when I threw him he landed in my Four O'Clocks where he is now residing.

    Thanks for the sweet are as wonderful in person as well! I can't wait to get together and actually spend some time stamping.

    Have a great weekend...we are off for a bike ride here pretty soon. (This means that I do all the work whilst my little one sits in her trailer behind me shouting "Faster, Mommy, Faster!) That is a workout!

  2. chocolate is ALWAYS acceptable as a meal substitute, as long as you remember to lick your lips and your fingers--don't leave behind any evidence!

    got through my two SASes and now i'm resting until the 30th birthday party. the guy also likes cream cheese danishes, so i made a homemade version called breakfast cheesecake. i'm POOPED!!


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