Thursday, June 12, 2008

I Miss you, my hard drive

Yesterday was not good. My sister's hard drive, containing all of our edited TV footage, died!!! Do I have a computer curse? Or an electromagnetic field around me that kills electronics? Possibly. So last night I was just sick. So was she. However, I got a short text message last night that quite possibly her neighbor recovered the files from the dead drive. Pray that that is so!!! And yes, we will have 8 backups of everything from now on!!! That is hundreds of hours of work we are talking about. So if you got any brief and personality-less communication from me yesterday, that could be why! I'm back! :)

This card features the little donkey from Doodle Factory Fairytale and from the moment I saw "her" - I wanted her to be pink!!! I colored her with some of the fabby pinks from my new copics set. Love those darn markers!!

1 comment:

  1. very appropriate "eeyore"-esque card today. sorry to hear you're having troubs with the computer. i hope hope hope along with you that the neighbor recovered all that work! keep us posted...


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