Thursday, June 5, 2008

Striking Coincidence!!

Okay, so today was crazy. First, I snoozed twice, which I never do. Since I was running late, I decided to put my hair up, which will be important later. Then, after I got ready, I realized I needed a thank you card for a gift I was giving today. So I sat down and did a quickie card with my fave Starving Artistamps image. I was experimenting with some of my new Copics - the second marker set I bought has some beautiful oranges in it and since the present was for a man, I thought it should be a manly color. And since I thought I was running late, I needed a simple one. I used Adirondack Pitch Black, which I love. I couldn't heat set it at 5:15 AM, so I just waited. The deepest orange color (I used three) has a memorable name - Lipstick Orange. Adorable. So I finish up, convinced I'm "late" - meaning I won't get to Starbucks at 5:30, and dash off. It's been SO windy this year. The windiest since I moved here 18 years ago. This morning and today were hurricane like. So I pull up to Starbucks - the drive through today since I was "late" and frazzled and Hugo, one of my faves - says good morning and says "We're still getting set up in here, but I'll make your drink for you." I am stunned, and look at my clock for the first time - it's 5:24!!!! What the heck? Time warp! So I pull up almost to the window, and all the sudden the tip jar gets carried off by a gust of wind!!! Stuff flying everywhere! I shove it in park and go running across the parking lot after the tip jar. By the time I get back, my hair looks even more retarded than it looked when I left, "late", phoning in the hairdo. Seriously, I looked like the bride of Frankenstein all day! Then it was so windy that I thought our building was going to fall down all day. On my walk, I was bent in half fighting it. Amazing. But cool, lovely weather and dramatic skies. It's really been a strange year so far, weather wise.

Oh, so what's the coincidence? Well take a look at what the gift was and see if you see a resemblance! When I put the card on the box I laughed out loud! It's exactly the color of my little monster!! So today he was a beermonster!

Then, I got two fabulous cards from two fabulous friends!! The first is from Jenn. This is so cool in real life because where teh blue is stamped on the red and vice versa it looks like designer paper!! This is a gorgeous card, but what is inside just warms my heart. Thanks Jenn. I think this would make a great 4th of July color scheme too instead of the traditional blue I always use. Speaking of Jenn, that reminds me of a great site she pointed her blog readers to - Grammar Girl. Check it out. I have already used it a few times and I love it.

Next I get this beautiful, simple and sweet card from my friend Lynne in Canada. I LOVE the two sets of feet - I have never seen this before and it really says it all. Lynne's gorgeous cat was Spottie's international boyfriend!! This is a beautiful card and Lynne is a wonderful lady.

Last, but not least, speaking of creatures, the first tarantula of 2K8 has made himself known at my sister's house, about two miles from here. This is a bad pic (I'm sure her hands were shaking!!) but you can see the curb behind him and kind of get an idea of how big he is. Gross. Knowing my sister, he probably met a terrible and dramatic end - perhaps under the Land Rover, or with a flamethrower or a suitcase nuke. I'm betting he's no longer with us!

Well, happy Friday (I started this post last night..) I'm going to come home today and stamp and get ready for my stamp class tomorrow. If you want to come, email me!

Have a fabulous Friday!


  1. It's making me tired just reading how early you leave your house in the morning, Ugh!! O_o

    Your beermonster is so funny, he is perfect for that gift obviously, and he looks like he's ready to down a few of those beeers, LOL! (as he says they're much appreciated!)

  2. ROFL!! I am glad I put my coffee down before reading about how your day sorry about that! I hate when I think I am running late and somehow I am not. The wind has been unbelievable the past few days, I hope it dies down before the bike rally starts up next week. Love the monster card, you couldn't have matched that shading better if you had tried.

    As for the spider. OH. MY. YIKES! I killed a huge spider on my doorstep the other night with a Swiffer Mop. Yep, they're not just for cleaning floors anymore.

    I'll see you later tonight when I pop in for cattys!

  3. The monster card is so simple and so cute.

    Have a relaxing and fun week end.


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