Thursday, June 26, 2008

What friends are made of!!

Besides like sugar, spice & everything nice, they're just made of time. The time it takes to send a friend a card, call, email, text message.. You know. It just takes a minute.

So lookie at what I got. Yvonne has PURRFECTED the brayer technique and has been BEYOND inspired by Michelle Zindorf.. This card is so technically perfect and beautiful. But the best part was inside and that's just for me!! ;) The columns have all this depth of color I'm not sure my photo does justice. Also on the grass and rocks... This card is actually a limited edition of 8, so I'm feeling pretty darn special.

Same with this from Vicki, who is also the student become the master of Zindorfia. The inside of this one made me all teary eyed!! These pansies have either glitter or iridescent ice embossing powder on them and they are incredible. I'm so tempted to buy that texture cube she has - that's the corners of the image - a gorgeous marbling texture and others on the same block. Correct me in a comment if I'm wrong but I believe that the block is from Magenta.

Thanks friends. :)

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  1. The Cubes are from Stampendous. They make at least 4 different ones that I have seen. I like the Marble and the Faux Finish ones the best for adding texture.
    Veee (vlstrs)


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