Saturday, July 29, 2017

Feelin' Special?

Ohhh sometimes I crack myself up - just sitting here alone at my desk, doing diabolical things with stamps.

One of my favorite things to do in the WHOLE WORLD is to take sentiments that are supposed to be serious and use them with images in a way that completely twists their meaning.

Today, I did that with the help of a very inexpensive item, that happens to be my favorite thing in the world right now.
This Little Piggy by Understand Blue

Isn't that hilarious?? That really changes the tone of the sentiment, just those awesome eyes. I used two different sizes, just to make it even crazier. They are just self adhesive dimensional stickers and they are awesome.

I stamped the piggy image first in Wild Honey Distress ink, and then did some no-line watercolor of the image with my Daniel Smith watercolor. It's a large enough image that it's really fun to paint. The colors I used are in the link list above.

I cut all the sentiments in this set apart from the images so that it's more versatile, and can become quite twisted as I've shown here.

ICYMI - the MISTI studio bag is now for sale! It comes in three color schemes - MISTI pink, turquoise and grey. It's at a limited time price, so don't wait - it's a steal! I absolutely love mine - I took it to Santa Fe as my crafty bug-out bag and it rocked. Having a shoulder strap makes it extra awesome. Here's a video tour of the bag.

Don't forget to enter my big Arkon giveaway - there are still two days left to enter July's drawing.

Hope you're feeling SPECIAL like my little piggy.



  1. Bwhahahaha! This little piggy is awesomesauce! I want to win an Arkon Live Streaming Pro Phone Stand.

  2. The way I am feeling after a stay in the ICU for pneumonia and related heart issues, and being told more than once that I probably would be leaving on a gurney with a toe tag, this adorable piggy looks just fine! LOL love the wacky eyes 👀! They really take th hilarious factor over the top!
    You never cease to wow m, awe me or make me smile! THANK YOU for that! 😁😍💓💞💓💞😍😁

  3. This is beyond cute! LOL Love the little pigs. I should probably check out SU! again as it's been years since I bought any stamps.

    1. Thank you! And you totally should :) Let me know if you'd like a catalog!

  4. Oh good grief! I cracked up as I scrolled down. I didn't even know these eyes existed, and now I HAVE to have them! You know, weird is a side effect of awesome and you're my kind of weird :)

  5. This is way too cute Lydia. I am trying my hand at no line water colouring but I have a long way to go before I get this good!

  6. Oh my goodness, too funny! Great coloring!

  7. You make me laugh! One of my favorite cards is when you changed the head on that one stamp! Clever, spooky and funny! Thanks so much!

  8. I loved those doodlebugs and added them to my project list in SSS. I too like to chop up my sentiments and make new ones. Can't wait to dig through my "special" stamps and repurpose them in new fun ways. Loved the piggy too and the eyes are the best! So funny.

  9. Heh heh ... Bwaahahahahaha!!! His eyes are hypnotizing! Love your mad watercoloring skilz!


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