Friday, July 28, 2017

Things That Make Me Ridiculously Happy, Like Furniture for Food

I don't know if you heard about it, but the entire internet exploded earlier this month with one British man's rant on Twitter following his discovery that Americans don't use egg cups. Those quirky British! It was hysterically funny, and carried over to my friend Taheera's Facebook page, where the debate and confusion even escalated further between two groups of people who have great affection for one another, but still do not understand each other in the least.

During this heated discussion, I learned that British people do another truly hilarious thing, which I will describe and document below, because it makes me ridiculously happy.

I wanted to share my challenge sample for the first Dare to Get Dirty challenge tomorrow. It's my own challenge, and so of course I had to make it all about watercolor.

I just used water and reinkers to create an abstract background for this AWESOME, big bold sentiment from the Lovely Friends bundle.  I love these big sentiments, because background techniques are pretty much my favorite.
Let it Run Watercolor Technique by Understand Blue

Okay - so back to the Brits.

Aside from the egg thrones for their soft boiled eggs, they also have TOAST ORGANIZERS!!! They take breakfast SO SERIOUSLY that there is FURNITURE for all the food. We're just down here in Austin telling people to take everything on the stove and put it on a tortilla, which we fold in half and eat. No food furniture.

So this adorable toast organizer thingy is my new Ebay obsession since I heard about it in the great egg cup wars on Facebook. I laughed so hard at the IDEA of a toast display but then I realized something.


Just like my beautiful vintage ashtrays make lovely brush rests for watercolor brushes. And like my vintage timecard racks make nice card storage.

So thanks to these strange people who will only eat organized toast, look at these lovelies.

Vintage Toast Racks as Card Holders by Understand Blue

Imagine how fancy your toast would feel in that thing. 

Vintage Toast Racks as Card Holders by Understand Blue

I especially love the modern circus one on the left. These hold cards from my friends and they make me smile every time I walk into my office.  

Vintage Toast Racks as Card Holders by Understand Blue

Here's a side view of one of the sturdier pieces of toast furniture - some are VERY tiny and would only hold like 3 Melba Toasts, but they're adorable - these are more appropriate for cards.

So just remember when you are cruising Ebay - strange things that people do in other countries can EASILY be incorporated into your cardmaking. :)

I hope all your breakfast foods are under control and not just rampaging around your tables all willy nilly like AMERICAN breakfast foods. Those ANIMALS! :)

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I hope you have an awesome weekend. 



  1. I love seeing items being 'repurposed' for organization and esthetics so I find your blog entry on British food furniture as brilliant on your part.

  2. How clever! The ashtray gave me a flashback,lol. Turquoise, avocado green, sunny yellow, ok, I think our parents took acid and we didn't even know it.

  3. I don't have one of those packed away .... it would not be packed!

  4. And what's more they/we eat their toast cold!!!! BTW love the card.

  5. Being 1st generation Canadian, born of 2 Scottish parents, I've always used egg cups, and was delighted on my first trip to Scotland to find the toast racks! I mean really; we've boorishly been stacking our toast here for decades - what were we thinking!! Thanks for the memories; I'm going back to Scotland in August, and I think I'll bring myself back an 'authentic' toast rack :)

  6. So cool Lydia. A great use for all of those old things. As for egg cups, I remember having and using these when we were kids. Here in Canada they were also used for many years by the older folks. Now that I think of it, I haven't seen too many in the last few years although most households have/had them.

  7. Bahahaha you put aha you put it in your blog. Like you said. Hope you got your kettle :)


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