Sunday, October 5, 2014

A Low Tech Solution to a High Tech Problem.

I have stopped using a paper calendar completely. I used to arrange my work tasks using a paper calendar - moving to-do's from day to day if they were unfinished.

I realized one day that my first task every day was to transfer yesterday's unfinished tasks to today. What a COLOSSAL waste of time.

Now I have a great, simple system that really works for me.

My tasks generally fall into three categories: Work, Design and Home. So a few years ago I went and bought a beautiful, spiral-bound, college ruled notebook by Martha Stewart. I started drawing two lines vertically on the page, creating three columns for these categories. I write things that I need to do there, and because I'm using vertical space instead of tiny squares that don't allow me discriminate by task type (because they're too small) - it takes me a long time to fill up the page with crossed off items. As a matter of fact, I'm still using the same notebook I bought a few years ago. If I used the backs of pages (which gives me a facial tic, so I don't do it), it would probably last forever. Sometimes, I art in it, or clean my paintbrushes on it, so it gets some character as it ages.

At the front of this notebook is a few pages of notes I took at an Edward Tufte presentation. He's a genius - I've seen him twice, and if you ever get the chance to see him, do it. I was flipping through those notes the other day, and with a commercial for the Iphone 6 on TV in the background, I read the following quote: "Paper is the highest resolution display technology available."

It's true. A screen will never get to the resolution of paper and ink. Amazing, isn't it? Just like lighting technology will never approach the beauty and purity of sunlight.

Paper and sun, baby. :) Keeping people organized since, well, forever.

Today's Hope You Can Cling To challenge is hosted by Diane and it's so interesting - it's based on the Sister Study, which she participated in after her sister was diagnosed with breast cancer. So the challenge mimics the logo of the study - we had to use something purple, something pink and two of something on the card.

It's so cool, because I shared a room with my sister when I was little. One time, my mom let us "remodel" our room, and we chose pink and purple for the remodel. So she bought fabric we picked (it was God-awful, 70's garish) and bought us matching purple bedspreads and we had the perfect room! I still remember how awesome I thought it looked when she was done. I wish I had a picture of it so you could laugh with me. To this day, purple is still my sister's favorite color, while I prefer a derivative blue :).

But it inspired me to make a card that reminded me of that crazy bright room we loved and shared as sisters, so I pulled out a retired stamp and my Brusho watercolor and went to town. The sentiment is from Good Greetings

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I really, really enjoyed watercoloring this using the highest resolution display technology available. :)



  1. This is simply stunning, Lydia! And I remember God-awful 70s garish......I had an A-line dress that was half hot pink and half neon orange. WTF was I thinking?!

  2. Stunning!!! Fabulous color. It would be fun to see a photo of your room. I shared a room with my sister too, nothing like whispered secrets and giggles to create a forever bond!

    "If I used the backs of pages (which gives me a facial tic, so I don't do it)". I TOTALLY get that.

    You have inspired me. I am going to give your notebook idea a try. I have tried so many things that really don't work for me. It's quite amazing what I accomplish without a proper list but I hate feeling like I am out there without a "safety net".

  3. Of course I have been known to create a list of things I've done just so I can cross them off! :-)


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