Friday, October 31, 2014

Oh Bother - You're Not a Pistachio, You're a Deadly Bug

Sooo, when you get older and have to have both your near and far vision corrected with the same pair of glasses, sometimes terrible things happen.

Like you get stung by a venomous asp you think is a nut.


My friend Yvonne came over to help me price and organize things for my crafty garage sale, which is tomorrow. We spent several hours getting things ready, relaxed for a while, and then she left.

I was running around moving a few things hither and yon, and I saw something on one of our barstools in the kitchen that I thought was a pistachio shell.

Here's the part, looking back, where it would have been extremely helpful to realize I actually didn't have any pistachios in the house, and maybe pause for a second to question how said shell got onto the barstool. Especially since I had moved that very barstool several times in the previous hours trying to figure out where everything in the sale was going to go.

But no. Blind old me just goes to pick up the shell.

This was one of those terrifying moments in life when you realize you've just done something you might die from.

It was soft. Furry. Squishy. And VERY bad news. Here's what it was.

I had just read about the sudden plague of these that had arrived in Central Texas this fall, but I hadn't seen one yet myself, so it wasn't in the forefront of my mind.

Ugh. I knew sad times were to come, even though, strangely, for the second time in my life, I touched one of these creatures and felt zero pain. Actually it was a lot like touching a teeny kitten or a bunny, if said teeny kitten or bunny could kill you with its fur.

I grabbed a paper towel and quickly escorted the deathpillar out front. I don't think I flung him far enough.

(He's behind me, isn't he??)

Then I waited. You can read about what I was waiting for in this article.

Nothing happened last night - so for a while I thought I was immune - I had played with a white one extensively when I was in preschool, much to the chagrin of our headmistress, who shrieked, stole it from me and put it in a jar so that she could yell at our whole class about how dangerous they were for an hour. I thought she was crazy because nothing happened to me.

But I guess that one liked me more than this one did because this morning its death rays started kicking in in my hand and my arm and I'm really mad at that stupid fuzzy bug now.

A person cannot stamp with a caterpillar afflicted arm, and I have a big weekend.

I guess I should be glad I didn't pop the little pistachio impersonator in my mouth!

Anyhoo, just as all that glitters is not gold (name that song), but all that's fuzzy is not sweet.

BUT - speaking of preschool and fuzzy I do have a fun fuzzy for you today.

Today is the last day of our Hope You Can Cling To Challenges, and I get to wrap things up with a challenge I've been waiting for all month!

This is our fifth year, so I decided to call it "Another Year In the Books," and use books as my inspiration - specifically, favorite children's books.

I have so many (none of which are from those hideous Brothers Grimm, by the way - they were the asps of the children's book world) it was hard to pick, but I finally decided on my beloved Pooh Bear.

I adored him for his bumbling optimism and serenity - in contrast with that grumpy old coot Eeyore. You know you know some Eeyore's in real life, and they are not all that fun to be around. I much prefer Tiggers and Poohs.

I stamped Pooh in Marigold Morning ink, watercolored him with Peerless Watercolors, and added some details with my Luminance Pencils, as well as some Pitt Pastel pencils.

I love him, I'm not going to lie. :)

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Since I was pulling things out to sell, I grabbed some retired True Thyme cardstock - it really was a pretty color. Perfectly neutral for my bright Pooh Bear.

Don't forget we're giving away $5,000 in crafty prizes for Hope You Can Cling To, and you have until November 7th to play!

And between now and the 7th, I can't recommend strongly enough that you not pick up any furry caterpillars.




  1. Horrible, just horrible. Your Pooh Bear is just the opposite. I am hoping to hear good news from you tomorrow that you are better and didn't have to go visit the ER!

  2. This is gorgeous.. I love all the details you added. Eeeeww on the fuzzy bug, that doesn't even sound fun at all.

  3. Love your card.
    Ok - we do NOT have deadly fuzzy pistachio shells in NY. This is a plus. I'll keep the snow.
    Hope your arm is better soon. I wish I were close enough to come to your sale.

  4. Wow! Hope you're not in too much pain.. wish I could come to your garage sale but guess S. Dakota is a little too far. Interesting article about the little creature. I especially liked the last sentence, last few words actually, and think it might be worth considering! :)

    " Scotch tape would work well for removing the hairs, followed by a dose of anti-histamine and some topical hydrocortisone . . . followed by some real Scotch."

  5. Holy cow -- who knew something so fuzzy could be so darn nasty! Goodness gracious -- hope your hand feels better soon! Maybe Bonnie has something here -- maybe you need some Benadryl and Scotch! ;-) Darling little card you're showing off today -- love your watercoloring that you rocked on this one!

  6. Hi Lydia,
    I don't think that you know about my encounter with the furry caterpillar. I rested a large pot just above my knee last July when I was doing some tidying out side in the garden. There was a Puss caterpillar underneath the pot, but now stuck to my leg. The pain was excruciating and I felt very sick for several hours. A poultice of minced ginger root and raw potato helped. I still have the scars! Take care friend.

  7. Winnie the Pooh! Love him - you're such a talent. I am sad I missed your garage sale, and even sadder that you got stung by that monster.

  8. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh he is cute and fab colouring Lydia
    Gr Karin


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