Sunday, November 2, 2014

You Don't Know What The Word Extra Means - Newsflash!

I had a VERY busy weekend.

I had my class Saturday morning which was a hoot. We had some fall-like weather blow in and I had just happened to design fall & wintery cards, so it was a fun, holidayish meeting of some of my favorite people on earth. We had lunch together, and then I was off to finish prep for my GIANT crafty garage sale. I was pricing things and organizing right up until the time the doors opened to greet my waiting guests. Here's a little taste of how the sale went (here's a link if you can't see the video below):

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We had so much fun. I had champagne, gourmet tarts from Mandola's, sweet treats and of course, Halloween candy for them to enjoy while they shopped. Most things were priced at a dollar, so people were walking out with bags and bags and bags of things for $20, $30 etc. Great deals to be had! In two hours, more than 1,000 items went out my front door!

For some reason - possibly a result of temporal shift induced mental illness - I decided that I then - at 10 PM -  needed to harvest some peppers and herbs from my back yard for a marinade, marinate chicken, wash dishes and do various other things that basically made me require a lot of Advil before bed.

When I finally did go to bed, I slept like a zombie. I actually didn't wake up until 10:30, which hasn't happened since 1989!

Now when I woke up, the rest of the world was chattering about how they'd had an EXTRA hour of sleep because of the time change.

I hate to break it to you people, but just because you're calling 10:30 9:30 now, you still slept for the same number of hours. It's just that you lied to yourself about some numbers when you got up. You still have the same number of hours in a day - there are only 24 regardless of your lying. I got SEVERAL extra hours of sleep because I slept longer. That's the only way you can get more sleep.

Now there are consequences of your lying - such as, it will now - post-lying - get dark closer to the time you get off work, but that's only because of your lies. Not because the universe expanded by one hour.

(People seem to lie less often in Arizona, and it seems like a nice place to live.)

I don't mind illusions of any sort - I am an artist, after all - but I do require that they be recognized as illusions. I might wake up tomorrow and decide that the NEW 10:30 (the old 11:30) is now 9:30 (the old 10:30 and the OLDER 11:30) and I could get off work two hours early!!

That would just make me a BIGGER liar and possibly fired. However, it does open up a lot of possibilities. I think habitual liars probably have all sorts of creative possibilities (in their minds) that regular people don't have.

I just want us all to be on the same page.

Now, despite my "extra" fake hour today, I am late posting my card for the Challenge Chicks November Challenge which is  reminiscent of the old Girl Scouts' song - Make New Friends - the challenge is to use silver, gold or silver & gold.

For my silver, I used glimmer paper in a die cut inlay. The base panel for that is one of my brayer cleaning sheets from a Gelli Plate printing session. I LOVE these papers - they are often as pretty or prettier than my prints! No way could you get this effect on purpose, which is what I love. This particular scrap looked like the northern lights to me, so I thought I'd do a starry night. I used the die cut inlay technique to embed the silver glimmer paper into the brayered scrap. I have a GREAT tip on how to keep all the intricate pieces you need for the inlay with a common household item here - you will LOVE this.

The inlay is done with the Wonderful Wreath framelits, the Star framelits and the itty bitty star punch.

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After I did the inlay, it needed a little contrast, so I used a Pitt Pastel Pencil to add shading around the die cuts, and blended them out with a tortillon.

I love the soft, impressionistic colors in the background with the crispy, sparkly silver.

Super festive for the holidays. Which, by the way, is a terrible time to take up compulsive lying and whatnot. Santa is watching your every move, time travelers.

Don't say I didn't warn you.



  1. LOVE your card Lydia - your background looks amazing!

    Jocelyn x

  2. That background is killer! I love your card!

  3. The colours in your background are just beautiful! I love the idea of using glimmer paper for the inlay, too.

  4. The colours in your background are just beautiful! I love the idea of using glimmer paper for the inlay, too.


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