Sunday, November 9, 2014

How a Papercrafter Fries Eggs

Our dishwasher is on the fritz right now - some sort of electrical issue, we think. We eliminated the breaker by replacing it, so now we have a shiny new breaker and a still non-functional dishwasher. So the strategy for cooking has had to change for a while.

I eat a lot of eggs and I absolutely LOATHE doing egg dishes even when the dishwasher is working, so I decided to try an experiment.

I've been watching a lot of Cutthroat Kitchen lately - my newest Food Network addiction, so maybe that's how this nutty idea snuck into my brain.

I decided I was going to try cooking eggs on parchment paper!

I have one of these double burner griddles:
That's where I normally cook both fried eggs and migas. But it's a bear to clean - it's heavy and as you know, eggs are STICKY. So my parchment plan was launched. I put my papercrafting skills to use, and twisted the corners of my parchment squares to make a little paper pan. I buttered it, and set it on the griddle.

I cracked the eggs in there and BOOM - those eggs fried BEAUTIFULLY!! Here they are partly done.

I don't know if it was just that the parchment paper effectively lowered the temperature just a bit or what, but these were some of the most perfectly cooked eggs I've ever made - not ONE brown crunchy spot on the whole thing! When they were done, they slid right off the paper and onto my sandwich. Talk about lifechanging.

THEN I got cocky. I tore off a big piece of parchment that covered the whole griddle, twisted the corners, and I cooked BACON!! With no pan to clean!!

Then I made a whole pan full of MIGAS, which I made into breakfast tacos - about two week's worth, and popped them in the freezer.

I am forever transformed! You can thank me when YOU try it.

Will I go back to my old ways when the dishwasher gets fixed? I SERIOUSLY DOUBT IT.


Now - SQUIRREL - I had this stamp set sitting on my desk taunting me this week. Someone on Etsy had made a die that cut out those little squirrels from Nuts About You - I bought it and was dying to stick tiny, die-cut squirrels all over everything! I also wanted to play in Kathleen's Fault in Our Stars Hope You Can Cling To challenge.

So I stamped two of them in Baked Brown Sugar, die cut them and then added some shading with a Derwent Inktense pencil.

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The woodgrain embossing folder and the silver glimmer paper finished it off.  The teeny heart is from the Hearts Border Punch.

Now even though this card is all cute and romantic, to me that squirrel on the right looks like she is sort of DEMANDING that acorn. I feel like there will be consequences if she doesn't get it!
I've never had an acorn, so she may know something I don't.

But parchment paper cooking? I AM nuts about you.



  1. I have been doing dishes by hand since mid summer (for 4...oh my!!) Egg pans are the worst! I CAN'T wait to try the parchment paper trick!!! Thank you for that!

    Your card is adorable. The squirrels look like they are up to something and I am not sure it's love! :)

  2. I come for the crafts and read the rest because that's what you do. But today. OMG the non-crafty part of today's post is life changing. MUST TRY.

  3. okay, so what rock have i been hiding under, seriously, i never thought to check your blog. shaking my head!!! well, i have fixed that!!

  4. My mum is in her eighties and hates having to scrub the pans so she too loves the baking paper. I was over therE for dinner last week and she cooked the steak this way. The paper got a wee bit scorched but the meat was perfect and washing up was so easy. Never even thought to do with eggs. Definetly have to try thanks.
    Love the simplicity of this card.

  5. I am absolutely going to try the parchment paper eggs :) Bacon I've been doing on parchment paper for a couple of years - in the oven, on a cookie sheet. It's a great way to cook up a whole package at a time, and NO SPLATTERS :)

    Love the card - and you're right: lady squirrel has a definite attitude!

  6. Such a cute card and thanks for the tip on the eggs!


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