Friday, November 7, 2014

The Effect of Time Changes on Mixed Media and Refried Beans

Just to follow up on my last post, time changes are still stupid.

 Here's a video illustrating my point:

So if you are suffering from the after-effects of this stupidity, as am I, then I have some things to make you feel better!

Instacart - which has changed my life. Grocery delivery from HEB, Whole Foods, Central Market and Costco - yes, Costco - within two hours for a TINY fee! This has revolutionized my productivity! I'm kind of a daily shopper because I like to get meat and veggies the day I'm going to cook them, and so I used to spend a lot of time hoofing it to the store. Never again! These people are amazing - their website and app are incredible, their drivers are awesome and I am convinced it's saving me a ton of money because I only order what I *need* to cook, and do zero impulse buying. I hope it's in your area - now or soon, because it is GLORIOUS. Every day I give silent thanks to my friend who recommended this to me.

Virtual Stamp Night - Mini Edition starts tonight! The theme is Frozen - whee!! I'm looking forward to a Friday night where I can just stamp. Come join us!

Holiday Tutorial Blitz starts Sunday on Splitcoast! This is a week where we give you a new tutorial every day to prep you for holiday cardmaking and gift giving. Since I've seen the tutorials, I know what amazement is in store for you! Sign up for notifications of each new tutorial here.

I just found the most DELICIOUS American dates!! They are Del Real dates, and I found them in the chilled produce section. Organic and grown in California.

Dina Wakley has a new book out - Art Journal Courage. Just ordered it, because I'm DETERMINED to make 2015 the year of the art journal up in here!

Also, today, I'm making my millionth attempt at the perfect refried beans. While simple and beautiful, refried beans are also elusive and mysterious beans. They are like the unicorn of beans. The correct balance of salt, fat, water - it's a lifelong pursuit. So I try again. Pray for me. And for my beans. I'm loosely following this recipe. If the beans are a religious experience, I'll share my modifications. 

Finally, it's Friday, so that means the Mix-Ability challenge is up. I was excited to see that Ky chose one of my fave artists everrrrrrr - France Papillon - as the challenge inspiration. I LOVE her videos, and she's one of the reasons I really want to start an art journal.

I chose this video as inspiration - because she uses my fave colors together.
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I started with the Dictionary background stamp, which I stamped in black onto a scrap of the paper I cleaned my brayer on while I was gelli printing. That's where the warm orange-yellow comes from. I applied turquoise paint with a credit card over that and sponged the edges with Soft Suede.

The flower is from Peaceful Petals. I stamped it in black on grey pastel paper and then colored it with my Luminance pencils, which I'll share a video for soon - they just GLOW!

I stamped that fun, bold hello from Four You onto a strip of  Typeset DSP and boom - Mix-Ability!

Now that Instacart shopped for me, and I don't have any classes this weekend - three glorious, unencumbered days stretch before me. WhatEVER shall I do?



  1. Proper beans of any kind are a religious experience! I'm so glad you love France as much as I do - we really should have a weekly play along or at least a plop-down-beat-down-from-work-with-wine live (recorded) video session! Maybe this is the kick in the keyster I need - been meaning to. Love love love that card, and OMG made Dad watch the video. What a SCREAM!

  2. Skipping on past the beans right now so I don't get hungry. ;)

    That bloom! That fabby background! The color!
    I am in LOVE!!!!

  3. What a great card! I hope you're able to get your refried beans just right!


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