Friday, October 24, 2014

I'll Give You Something To Be Afraid Of!

I thought I'd do a little PSA on behalf of children everywhere as we approach Halloween.

I am still extremely angry about a particular Halloween incident I experienced as a child, and I'd like to prevent other children from going through this lifetime of pain and resentment.

I'm not referring to the black licorice some moron decided to hand out, although that does make my tail fluffy.

I'm not even talking about the year I had to sit at the door and hand out candy instead of trick-or-treating because I'd had my appendix out.

What has been simmering under the surface for many decades each October is the rage and shock I (and all my friends) felt when we dumped out our pillowcases full of candy in the living room, started pawing through it, and discovered that one child-hater had handed out...

(I can hardly bring myself to say it)


That's right. We had an activist dentist on our street who, possibly because of severe psychosis or a brain parasite, thought HALLOWEEN would be a good time to evangelize.

It is not.

I repeat - IT IS NOT.

Halloween is about candy. It's not about encouraging children to brush their teeth, showing them the wonders of low fat soy-based candy substitutes, fish oil pills or any other sort of distraction from CANDY.

Give them CANDY or turn your porch lights off.

That is all.

Now I feel better.

Now you won't be nearly as scared of my cute ghost as you are of your crazy, toothbrush-wielding neighbors, will ya?

I made this little ghostie for two challenges: Patricia's "Get Inked" Hope You Can Cling To challenge and today's Mix-Ability challenge. These are both super cool and were fun to combine.

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The Mix-Ability challenge today is "Ghostly Outlines" - to create soft instead of hard ones, with techniques like retiform, etc. I decided to die cut a ghostie with the Fall Fest Framelits and temporarily adhere him to a black card front. Then I sponged around him with Whisper White ink to give him a little aura. Then I removed the mask and added two different sized googly eyes, just to make him look crazy :D.

Next, Patricia's challenge is so cool - it was inspired by the tiny dots or "tattoos" that can be a result of radiation treatments - she saw them when her mother was being treated - so she challenged us to spray or splatter ink to make little dots. So while my mask was still in place, I loaded up the brush from my Moonlight Smooch, held it over my card and thumped it to spatter dots all around my ghost. Then I squealed because I love it! :)

I added some washi tape and the greeting from Holiday Home in white.

So let's review:

  • My ghost is not scary
  • Toothbrushes and wheatgrass juice handed out for Halloween ARE scary
Give them candy and have a fun & safe Halloween!



  1. One year when my kids came home from trick-or-treating, we found religious tracts in their pumpkins. Apparently someone in the neighborhood felt it was their duty to proclaim Halloween as the work of the devil and to instruct everyone to repent and turn from their awful, horrible, wicked ways of dressing up in costumes and/or passing out candy.
    I think I'd rather have had the toothbrush. At least it's practical. But the red dye pills are definitely overboard.

  2. This is the best thing I've seen with this little ghostie yet! Love it.

  3. EEEEEkkkkk....I'll squeal with you. This ghostly creation is too super. I love the aura around him/her.
    I agree, Halloween is for CANDY, not lessons in tooth decay. I think your ghost is keeping watch right now over some of those tooth doctors just daring them to hand out some of their products on Halloween......too bad they would consider it. Ha

  4. Hi Lydia I sent you a message back hope you did resieved it.

    great halloween card you have made.
    Gr Karin

  5. This is adorable and I'm totally with you on the dental child-hater! Truth is, I totally remember someone doing that when I was a kid too!! OH the nerve!!! LOL

    Thanks for sharing your story! Love it!

  6. I like black licorice. I always feel bad for my peanut allergic son -- his bag is full of snickers, reese's and mr. goodbars.

  7. That is one adorable ghost!! I love it :D.


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