Thursday, October 2, 2014

Rip Out This Page

I had my monthly W.I.N.O.S. (Women In Need Of Stamps) challenge & meeting last night and it was so fun, as usual.

We were talking about art of course, and things artists can be afraid of. Painting in a book for example. That is a serious phobia for a lot of people. Let's go ahead and call it biblioartophobia.

So Yvonne said she is reading a book right now that has a page in it that says "Rip out this page." She didn't of course, and turned it over and it said something like "You didn't do it." So she did it. She ripped it out.

She said she felt simultaneously overwhelming joy and overwhelming guilt!

It's funny how we worry about things like that in our short time on the planet.

I found a CRAZY price last week on some Derwent Artbars - I mean CRAZY. I've been waiting to buy these and I could not pass up a 70% discount, so I got them. (The price is still there if you want some.)

Anyway, I posted it on Facebook and a bunch of friends took advantage of the sale as well. So since I had enabled them, we had a video hangout to learn to use them together.

 It was really, really fun. As you can see, some of our pets came too. 

One of the first things I told everyone to do when we started to try techniques was to break a piece off of a blue artbar. There were GASPS! "Break it? Really?"


We love wholeness. Perfection. Even though there's absolutely no example of that anywhere in the human experience. 

We are funny creatures.

Anyway, we had a heck of a time playing together. One of my favorite ways to use the crayons, which are water-soluble wax, and highly pigmented, is to dip them in water and then rub them on wet watercolor paper. First, we did a wash of blue and a wash of brown with an Aquapainter - picking up pigment directly off the bars - for a background. Then we did the dip & rub technique to create clouds and add color to the sky and earth. Really super fun. These are addicting. 

After we got done, I finished the card with one of my fave stamped greetings from Pursuit of Happiness.

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Today's Hope You Can Cling To challenge is "Hope Floats", by my friend Rebecca. She is an animal lover and fosters animals regularly so that they are safe until they can find homes. She does her little bit of good where she is every day, and I adore her.

So my floaty clouds I made with broken crayons are for her challenge today. :)


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  1. Sometimes I think we worship our supplies, especially the more expensive or rare or cherished, to the point that we cannot risk hurt. We must challenge that wrong thinking. We buy our blessed supplies so we can better express our imperfect souls. Next, we will let our pets use these supplies as further exercise on letting go. Rebecca is up for sainthood, if she doesn't float away. No wonder she gave us this challenge!


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