Monday, October 27, 2014

I'm No Physicist, But Where Does The Salt Go?

Okay - let's be clear - I'm no physicist.

But I do remember the law of conservation of matter, which states the following:

"in any given system that is closed to the transfer of matter (in and out), the amount of matter in the system stays constant. A concise way of expressing this law is to say that the amount of matter in a system is conserved."

Like many things they tried to convince me of in school - imaginary numbers and whatnot - this is obviously a complete crock.

I have real world, practical experience to refute it with too, revolving around salt.

Let's say you make a delicious recipe that is perfectly seasoned and delicious - like any of the recipes I've shared here. You are thrilled to look forward to leftovers over the coming days, and lovingly put it into your favorite non-Chinese glass Rubbermaid storage containers with a perfectly tight seal, and pop them in the fridge.

The next day, you warm up said deliciousness and...

This completely defies both logic and the bogus law of conservation of matter.

Where can the salt POSSIBLY go??? You heat it up when you cook and it doesn't transmogrify - you also add it to cold things, like margaritas, olives, pickles, and THEY don't get less salty. So what is it about pea soup and lasagne and enchiladas and chicken broth? Or maybe salt isn't what makes olives and pickles salty - maybe it's some futuristic chemical.

Also, I've observed the same thing with spicy food. It becomes less spicy in the fridge.

Either the inside of my fridge is coated with invisible salt and capsaicin, or physics is a lie.

How's THAT for something to ponder? Hope you don't go floating off the earth when I debunk gravity later.

Before you float off the earth, you should come play in Tabbatha's Thanks X 2 Hope You Can Cling To challenge! She challenged us to do a mixed media thank you card - using at least two mediums.

Since I had just had our W.I.N.O.S. (Women In Need of Stamps) playdate, I had these AWESOME Distress Ink leaves to use. We just smooshed the ink pads onto a piece of plastic and then smooshed the leaves into the ink. So fun. (Chriss cut the leaves so I don't know what dies these are - sorry!)

So for my second medium, I spattered Gold Smooch onto my card base before attaching the leaves and stamping the greeting from Merry Everything.

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Oh - and if you truly do want a made in the USA food storage option (it is very difficult to avoid China in the kitchen, but I do it - follow me) I do love my American leftover containers, despite their theft of my salt and heat. You can read about them here.

In the meantime, I'd advise weighting yourself down with bland leftovers so that you don't float off into space.



  1. Lydia beautiful leaves you have made great colours and a lovely card
    Gr Karin

  2. You make me laugh and yell YES at the same time! My husband makes a lovely beef stew (of course, as he's Irish) to which he adds a TON of salt - seriously, you can not remove your rings after eating it! But the next day? Bland.

    My own salsa which I can every year, because you can't get good salsa in Rochester, as I am sure you are aware, is hot enough to make big men sweat. But when I open a jar a couple of months later, not so much.. Go figure!

    I use the same leftover containers as you ... just another little bond.

    Thanks for the shout out on FB bringing my attention to the portrait of the two little white dogs - they did look like mine! I couldn't reply on FB for some reason but it was sweet of you to think of me.

    This is the third time I've typed this missive - it gets lost in the publish step. But if you get it three times, just know that's why....

    Love the card as well.

  3. I love your addition of the gold flecks! That was such a fun evening...we must do it again!


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