Monday, March 24, 2014

The Worm Has Turned

We have officially gone to war.

We had to go on a killing spree in the garden this weekend in the first official skirmish of spring.

All of our plants have been starting their young lives safely in our pop-up greenhouse until this weekend when it was time to throw them out of the nest.

However, to our horror, when we started pulling plants out we saw the dreaded CATTERPILLARPOCALYPSE - all over my chives!!!

The little buggers must have been in the chive soil because that was the only plant that got moved into the greenhouse that lived outside most of last year. The rest were new plants with sterile soil.

Being an urban gardener requires extreme vigilance. Last year we got tomato horn worms - which I will NOT post a photo of because they cause extreme PTSD - ask me how I know. And one of those little beasts can defoliate your entire 7 foot tall tomato in a day, undoing all your hard work in one case of the munchies.

Then I decided to wash my car, because doves roost in the tree above my car. Not cool, doves. Not cool at all. What I didn't factor in is that the wind was blowing 60 mph, so operating the sprayer at the car wash was a lot like trying to control a runaway fire hose.

After all that excitement I was ready for some serious couch time. So I grabbed my TV emergency kit :)  (I like it because I don't need a cup of water) and this watercolor paper (which is so smooth it's perfect for stamping) and plopped down with an old, old stamp set - Stew Pot Pals. You can't see in my photos, but there are teeny accents of Wink of Stella on these, making them sparkly and fun on their accessories, shoes and collars.

I love these images and the little punny sayings. Vegetables make such fabulous anthropomorphs.

Carrots are always *sweet*.

 This yam is just letting its freak flag fly.
 A full figured and yet dainty turnip.
 And that stylish and flirty bean is the life of every party.

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This is why I never sell the stamps I buy.

I love them all, and there's always a day where they just feel so right.

Someday, I'll sell the movie rights to the Great Caterpillar Wars of 2014.


  1. I look forward to the movie! LOL. Love your images and sentiments. Perfect for this post. I am with you, If I bought the stamp, I rarely give it up!

  2. Your painting is oh so pretty and your veggies too cute!

  3. What a great stamp set. Love the sentiments. And the cards you made with them.

  4. Those images are too funny. Good luck with the catterpillarpocalypse. It's funny because my dad actually gardens to attract caterpillars. So when I think of gardening, I always think of butterfly gardens.

  5. These are terrific, love them!!!

  6. Lydia, every one of these eclectic stand alone beauties is a whimsical treasure. Your colours breath life into them and if I get to be any fuller figured, i hope I will be as gracefully dainty as your turnip, but there is something in me that just goes for the bean;)) Here's hoping your real life garden produces and flourishes as beautifully as your watercolour one.

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