Friday, March 28, 2014

Explain Something To Me

Got to go on a walk this morning - I hadn't been for a few days because of a few unusual raindrops so it was nice to get back to my audiobook and see all the blooming trees and flowers and see little bees buzzing around.

There's a couple that I see a lot on my walks and they're doing something that completely mystifies me.

It's this:

What in the heck is the point of this? The poor woman basically has her head buried in the man's sweaty bum, which is 100% of her view as well. And y'all - IT'S HOT HERE. In case you weren't aware of this, every human being is sweaty and stinky within about four minutes of leaving the house most days. And miles and miles of being that close to anyone's sweaty, spandex-clad nether regions? No thanks.

What are the possibilities here? Can she not ride a bike? Does she get lost a lot and this is the only way her man can keep her from wandering off? Is he terrified to be alone? Is he not strong enough to ride a bike alone? Is this human trafficking? Could they not afford two separate bikes? Why would you prefer that someone else might be responsible for you falling down (and breaking your face on their sweaty hiney) over you being solely responsible for you falling down?

Its just something I need a lot of help understanding, because it looks like a completely miserable and weird experience to me.

Today is the Mix-Ability challenge at Splitcoast, and it's to create a monochromatic card with a hat tip to spring.

Well as usual, before I started, I saw something shiny - Dina's technique here - and I did a poor imitation of it here with Blessed Easter and Derwent Inktense pencils and a little white acrylic.

I cut the greeting off of this stamp set and mounted it separately. I don't like my greetings attached to my stamps and I love these beautiful tulips. Reminds me of Rochester.
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Then I got down to business and made a monochromatic one for the challenge. Can't decide which one I like more.

Come play along! But please do share your thoughts with me on what the point of the sweaty butt bike is. I can't wait to hear!


  1. I love them both but the monochromatic is my fave - especially in blue since it's so YOU.

    As for the bike. Hmm. I think of riding a bicycle built for two with your sweetie as something that should be done at a leisurely pace, in normal clothes, preferably around someplace beautiful like Mackinac Island in Michigan. Not sweating in spandex on the road in Texas. But that's just me.

  2. I absolutely LOVE your two cards, but I have to say I LOVE your blue version more!!!! Beautiful!

    As for the question about the bike.... I have no words.

  3. Oh Lydia, the cycling world is something you are just not privy to. You have dissed other lycra-clad gentlemen stepping into Starbuck's, and I guess I must take exception at some point. They are (1) spending time together, and it is much better to ride together than alone (2) training for an upcoming race, which they will win, since there are much less entrants who ride tandem (3) practicing their relationship skills, as there has to be communication, pedaling coordination, and trust when riding tandem. I could go on, but I do see value in this. What would be better to see is if the woman was in front. :) HTH!

  4. I love the cards, being Dutch I love tulips. I like the frist one better.
    I rode a bike like that last year, it's scary, I was in the back and you have no control at all.

  5. Love your blue tulips. I cut mine apart, too. As for the bike, he's so much taller, she probably would never be able to keep up with him on a separate bike.

  6. Riding a tandem is HARD, er ... DIFFICULT! You have to not only balance yourself, but not UNbalance the other person. And you have to have the same rhythm with the pedaling or one of you will die from exhaustion. It's a good workout. Personally, I much prefer riding at my own pace, and not if it's over 85 degrees.

    Oh, and I love your cards, too. :)

  7. WOW! I have no words for the absolutely beauty of these cards. I hope you won't mind if I head for my studio and try to CASE, although I know I won't come close to your beautiful artwork. I am with you on the Tulip stamp -- first thing I did was carefully separate the sentiment from the tulips. Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful pieces of art. Wendy

  8. My husband and I tried one of these bikes at a B&B once ... he insisted that I had to get in the front (because I think he thought I wouldn't actually pedal) ... it was one of the most excruciating hours of my life ... I was so glad when we finally made it back ... I'll never try that again.

  9. Those cards are STUNNING… fav is the red. ;) They are BOTH gorgeous though!! As for sweaty bum….all i can say is you CRACK me UP… pun intended. :) Karen Barber - (putting my name cuz I hate when people leave comments on my blog like they think I know who they are……)

  10. Lydia, I love your cards and always enjoy your perspective on things you observe. My husband and I each have our own bikes (actually he has more than one and rode across the country a couple years ago), but I love riding tandem with him. Otherwise, I can't keep up with him and I cannot ride as far on my own. Generally, the larger person rides in front on a tandem - it gives them better control. True, I can't see what is ahead of us, but I can look around more on the tandem than on my own bike - have to watch out for potholes, you know! We did ride our separate bikes on vacation in the Lake Michigan area last summer, and I enjoyed that, too. Here in northern Indiana we are still waiting for Spring and decent riding weather.

  11. Lydia, Lydia, You are just too funny girl! Had me in stitches on the floor - and I was just here to check out your brilliant card - didn't know about the entertainment for free! hahaha.
    I am so in love with this card i am going to send a link to my downlines cause I know they are gonna love it too! Thank you for sharing it.

  12. My preference is the blue card .

    As for the tandem bike - I would prefer to pedal my own bike ( if I were so inclined to bike ) as I am sure the scenery would be much nicer, and the air much more sweet.

  13. Love them both Lydia! But, I think the multicolored one is my winner. Love the layout and the reflection. Gorgeousness!

  14. Love your cards - my favorite is that gorgeous red one. And yes, tulips are abundant in Rochester in the spring - when spring finally gets here, that is.
    Maybe that lady is visually impaired and can't ride alone?

  15. Love both cards, but my favourite is the blue, maybe cause it just catches my eye more. You cracked me up with the comments on the bike riders, my brother and his wife ride everywhere but I could not imagine them riding tandem without cracking up.

  16. Your thoughts on the tandem riding were too funny.

    As for the cards, they are both lovely and colored so beautifully. I think I may like the first one a little better because that is my favorite color of tulip.

  17. Your cards are STUNNING! As for the tandem bike, my hubby and I have a nice white one which we ride on the greenbelt in Boise, Idaho. Every once in a while, someone will shout out to my husband, "She's not peddling!"

  18. love both cards, the blue was is very nice as it is unusual
    Greetings from Terneuzen, Caroline


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