Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Fur Never Lies


Time is time. It doesn't change.

The government doesn't control it. I've written about this before, but as you can see, I'm cranky from springing forward - AGAIN.

So why do we let them?

Why are we not lighting torches each spring and fall and loading up the train that goes under Parliament??

Because we are weak. From exhaustion. From the time change.

I understand time because I have animals. Also, I can see the sun, which apparently isn't visible from state and US capitols.

Animals are unaffected by idiot politicians, and so they provide me with an ability to tell time that is free of Congressional buffoonery.

Here's how it works. When the angle of light starts to change each year, my cats change their fur.

These cats live in a perfectly temperature controlled environment 365 days a year that is a constant, narrow range between 65 and 70 degrees. Their fur has no reason to bulk up and/or thin out based on temperature. It, like most things (insert deep symbolism here), responds to light and ONLY light.

My normally sleek little panther, Maddie, as the light changes at the end of summer, about doubles her fur volume, despite the fact that the temperature outside has not dipped below 100 degrees. It's actually really hilarious to see her in her little fur coat while we are fanning ourselves and going shoeless. But her fur knows what time it is.

The fur never lies.

Here, for example, is a sun ray exposing the scandalous truth about my black cat - she is not, in fact, black, but mostly a deep mahogany color that you can only see in bright sunlight.

The kind you get in March.

Without government intervention.

She's also busy shedding her little coat as she does each year on or about an equinox. Without the government.

I'm also capable of discerning when the sun comes up and goes down, which is what should govern our days. Not fatheaded idiots.

I've never met anyone who just RELISHED a time change, and so, to all of my friends, I say - YOU ARE FABULOUS. You complete me. We agree on everything. Now, join me in storming the capitol with torches.

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I was SO excited yesterday (despite my cranky exhaustion from the time change) to see the new Sweetie Pie stamp set and the matching Sweetie Pie Frames - EEEEKKKKk so cute!!!

I had to not only expedite my order, but bust it out today at lunch and make a card.

Aren't these ADORABLE????

I'm going to have so much fun with these - but today I thought it would be fun to include all of them and make just one of them stand out to go with that fabby greeting.

I hope this brightened your day - I know you're as tired and cranky as I am. But you are fabulous. :)



  1. OHHHH! That expalins everythng -- now I understand why my dogs' coats change, too -- I am ready to take a stand with you and storm the capitol! We should bring bags of cat and dog fur with us and deposit them at the lawmakers' feet - and let them know what they are causing out here. I love those little girls - can't wait until our next class to order them -- so enjoyed that artist's sharing of all the coloring with the Copic markers -- Gail Tassey could definitely share her system for hair and skin, too!

  2. I love that you used all of them because when I saw it, I thought "Why would I need so many?" but now I know. Enlightenment as usual.

  3. You and I are totally operating in the same time zone! (pun absolutely intended) :) I HATE DST!!!! It's the stupidest thing I've ever heard of! In the fall, my poor puppies suffer for WEEKS before they adjust to their new feeding times. They are hungry at 7:00 am and 6:00 pm, and their little tummies do NOT like waiting until the new "7:00 and 6:00". It's not as much trouble for them in the spring, but it's a HUGE problem for me! I already have not one, but TWO sleep disorders and losing a WHOLE HOUR screws me up big time! I'll gladly be the Major General of your army against DST and lead the charge! Down with DST!

  4. My torch is lit and I am ready to go, well not really ready but I will go anyways. Lead on Lydia!!
    Really cute card too!

  5. I totally agree with your arguments against Daylight Savings. Arizona has it figured out that it's crazy.
    I've seen the Sweetie Pie set and for some reason, can't find it. Could you let me know if it's in a current catalog or what?

  6. You're making me miss my Sneakers...he was the best cat, EVER. Such a big sweetie. His fur was also mahogany when the sunlight hit it just right. It was like getting to see the everyday identity of a Black Panther superhero :-) Here's a page I did of him, about 6 months before he died:

  7. I have been denying all week that time change has anything to do with how tired I am. After all, my husband took the kids to church and I slept in AND THEN he took the kids to school on Monday and I SLEPT I have no reason to be this tired. But I am....When I find my torch I will join you on the train.

    Maddie is a beauty and now I am going to start watching Storm and Bit's coats!

    What a cute card! Love how you colored just one image!!!

  8. Yep, I've been cranky all week due to the time change as well.

    I saw this stamp set and thought the faces were really cute by why just a bunch of heads? What would I do with them? Well, your cards are adorable. I love what you did with this set and the pop of coloring in just the one "head". I may break down and get this after all!


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