Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The PGC Ribbon - REVOKED!

If you have a tortie, or any other variety of mentally quirky feline, then I know you will understand what I'm about to say.

Darling, precious little Splotchy is determined to kill us via sleep deprivation. He loves to bloviate late into the night and for about an hour before the alarm goes off every day. He has so, so much to say on so many topics that the daytime cannot contain his words. (Also, yes, he is actually a she, but that's another story.)

So on those RARE nights when he actually sleeps, like last night, and we get to sleep, we have to praise and reward him. So this morning I came up with an award - the Pretty Good Cat ribbon. It can't really be any better than that because if you only let your servant sleep for about four nights out of 365, you're really only a Pretty Good Cat. It's hard to get to Cat Excellence with that kind of a record. So this morning I awarded him the PGC ribbon.

However, shortly afterwards, I had to revoke it when he surprised me (why I don't notice that he's followed me into the bathroom is beyond me - he's very slinky and quiet when I'm NOT sleeping) by shooting onto my back, slipping, and clawing his way back up - WHILE I WAS PEEING.

I'm quite certain I had a minor heart attack. And I look like I've been lashed as punishment for something heinous.

He, on the other hand, made a little chirping sound and flopped down on my shoulders and purred.

Maybe I should come up with a VBC ribbon. Very. Bad. Cat. Or a CWJOMBWIP ribbon - Cat Who Jumps On My Back While I'm Peeing.


But since I was rested, I felt creative, if scratched, dented and filled with adrenaline.

I saw a beautiful technique by Tasnim Ahmed in an online card class I just took and I had to try it. I stamped the image from So Very Grateful in Smoky Slate, stamped off once. I think I'd stamp it off twice next time. Then I used a gold Sakura gel pen to outline part of the stamp image - it's so sparkly and pretty IRL.

Then I just colored the outlined portions - easy!

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  1. You don't need the cat whisperer, you need the jackass whisperer. Close the friggin' door! LOL Ok. Seriously. This card is *boom* beautiful!

    Maybe you should have 2 ribbons made: cat whisperer (CW) and JW. ;) with a side of bacon!

  2. Oh how I love this card. And yes…mine apparently needs to sing about her thoughts at night/in the morning too. Sigh…. She she is a good kitty when she isn't being a bad kitty.

  3. I feet your pain. As kids we thought it was a good idea to take a bath with our cat. I became a human ladder. Up my back he went and perched on my head, claws in. Didn't do THAT again. :)

  4. Sorry for the sore back, but the adrenalin rush led to a gorgeous card!

  5. Yep ... I have cats ... I know your pain! LOL

    This card is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing both it and the story!

  6. Lovely card . TFS and also TFS the cat story . My Annie is also one who thinks her owner does not need to sleep .. no point in shutting the bedroom door because she just sits outside and cries to be let in .. She also likes to jump into the shower with me .. I have the scars on my legs to prove it - LOL .. but, truth be told .. I would not be without her .


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