Sunday, March 30, 2014

Juice - Or Is It?

I'm SO close to finding out who the murderer is in my latest Louise Penny audiobook - Cruelest Month. So close, in fact, that I decided to clean the house just so I could have an excuse to listen for a while. That should say something to you.

A friend on Facebook recommended this mystery author to me when I asked for some good, clean, suspenseful Christie style mysteries. She NAILED what I wanted and I've really enjoyed the books - so much so that I went to a book signing when Louise Penny visited Austin. She is not only a great mystery writer, but a HILARIOUS and beautiful lady. I thoroughly enjoyed her presentation and I'm loving the series.

So it's weird that the following even happened to me because I normally exclude the rest of the world when I'm engrossed in an audiobook.

I was walking past the living room carrying laundry and there was a commercial on. Out of the corner of my ear, I hear something so ridiculous I pressed pause.

"It's 100% real juice, with no sugar added."

Since when does the word JUICE not mean this? If someone tells me I'm drinking juice, I assume that I'm drinking a smashed fruit or veggie with nothing else. It doesn't need the word "real" or the words "no sugar added" because both of those things hint at something that isn't juice and should be described with another word like Kool-Aid or Coke or anything under the Gatorade brand family.

The definition of juice is: the natural fluid, fluid content, or liquid part that can be extracted from a plant or one of its parts, especially of a fruit: orange juice.

If you use the word JUICE, you do not need add any other words. I speak English. Words mean something. 

Or they should. 

Please see my rant on what the word tea means here.  

I got back to my book after thinking I needed to discuss this with you, but seriously, marketing people. Use English.

Today is the day each week when I do "Show Me Sunday" with my downline. Everyone makes a card or two before 2 PM on Sunday, and then we have a video chat where everyone can show their card, or just chat. Today's call had people from coast to coast and I sat outside for it because it's SUCH a spectacular day today. I actually got a sunburn. Oops. 

When everyone was posting their projects throughout the week in preparation for the video chat, I saw one by Dana that inspired MY Show Me Sunday card. She had made a spring wreath out of a rainbow of mesh ribbon that was so pretty and fun - I had to put it on the card.

So I took the circle stamps from the February My Paper Pumpkin kit and made a deconstructed rainbow.

I really like how the stripes look at a 90 angle in two different colors when they overlap. So fun. Colors - Wisteria Wonder, Strawberry Slush, Tempting Turquoise, Gumball Green, Tangerine Tango.

The greeting is from Another Thank You - LOVE how big and bold it is.  
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Now, I'm off to make one of my favorite recipes - Biscoff Banana Bread - you can see the recipe here.


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  1. Cool card, and thanks for the author recommendation. I love a good mystery.

    And if it has anything other than squeezed fruit in it, it's a fruit DRINK, and to be avoided at all costs!

    Did you know jelly beans are fat-free? Stoopid marketers. I'm almost embarrassed to say I was a Marketing major back in college.

  2. I enjoy your Blog, Lydia. It is a good read! And I love your bold caed.

  3. you are an informed, self-educated consumer about the term JUICE. you see, most people pick up those plastic jugs of juice in the juice aisle and think that that is JUICE. it is NOT. it is a juice COCKTAIL, which consists of a small percentage of juice mixed with water and high fructose corn syrup. thus the need for the specific words in the ad. i understand your rant, though.

  4. It must have been a very good book, if you cleaned (the horror) just to listen to it. :-)

    I really like the striped circles, especially how they overlap. Those colors are fabulous.


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