Sunday, March 2, 2014

That's Washi Said


I couldn't resist that title.

I did, however, resist washi tape for many years, before succumbing to its sweet, sticky little song.

I now require organizational devices for my many rolls of pretty, pretty tape.

(Glares at all the enablers)

Yesterday was my monthly card class and we washi'd it up with one of my faves - this lovely Pool Party washi from the Retro Fresh collection. It looks soooo yummy with Melon Mambo.

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Isn't that a happy card? I love that bold greeting - that's from the Starburst Sayings Bundle.

This card is for the March Challenge Chicks challenge - Spring Flowers and also for my Show Me Sunday Google Hangout with my downline - just a show and tell with some stampy prizes. Nice way to spend a drizzly day.

Oh - and in case you had concerns that your new pig wouldn't get along with your cat, I'm here to reassure you with this video.



  1. Mmmm, washi tape. Welcome to the dark side!

    Also, that cat & pig are adorable! And the thing the cat does with his back legs? It's SO a Bobra thing!

  2. Lovely card! Maybe it will save us from the 5-10" of snow we are supposed to get tonight and

  3. cute! I still have a hard time getting into the washi. :(

  4. Great card! Love that arrow washi paired with the pretty pink!!!

    Do you think the cat and pig were ever able to get to the point of snuggling?

  5. That's washi said. Thank you for the biggest laugh of my day!

  6. Aye - that title pun is tooo much!! Love to start my Monday with a smile :)


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