Friday, February 1, 2013

[Closed Captioning] - Maybe not for Texans

I had the most hilarious experience this week.

I have a friend who is hearing impaired, and she pointed out to me that most video tutorials are sort of useless to her because people are narrating the most important info for techniques, and so if you can't hear the video, you're out of luck.

So I poked around on YouTube, and lo and behold, if your narration is in English, ,YouTube can actually add closed captioning to your video for you automatically.

Hallelujah, right?

Well, here's where the hilarious comes in.

In this very cool system, it transcribes your narration, and arranges it so the captions are at the right time in the video and they're only shown at that correct time.

But technology has its limits.

And apparently those limits include the Red River, the Sabine River and the Rio Grande. Because YouTube doesn't know how the HECK to interpret a Texas accent.

I clicked play and the captions came up for me to edit, and at first I was confused at what they thought my words were. Then I almost fell on the floor laughing at this phonetic interpretation of my Texas twang!!

By two minutes in, I was laughing so hard I was crying! So it took me a LOT longer than 15 minutes to giggle my way through editing YouTube's drawn out version of my speech, but I sure had a good time. The result is below.

I made this card for a SUPER exciting new challenge we kicked off at Splitcoast today. It's a mixed media challenge, called Mix-Ability, designed to make mixed media fun and approachable for everyone - whether your style is clean and simple, elegant, vintage, grunge or retro - or even if you have a Texas accent.

So for today's challenge, our first one, I chose "Yin Yang" - I want you to mix a matte textured medium on your card with a shiny medium. Challenge details are here.

I chose the Swallowtail stamp for my challenge card. I'm in love with this bold image.

 I used Gesso over First Edition Specialty paper for the matte texture, and embossing for my shiny texture.

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See? mixed media can be clean and simple. :) Even with an ACKSCENT.

Here's the video of the technique - enjoy, y'all! :)


  1. You are an inspiration! Love this challenge. Love this project! Love your video!

    True :D

  2. honey, this is gorgeous, and i'm glad i watched the video, because i learned a great deal! i'm gettin' that stamp too--you enabler!

  3. Beautiful technique and I so enjoy your sense of fun :)

  4. Okay, I didn't watch it all the way through, but the only "acksent" I detected was when you said "I'm just going to tetch this up a bit". I was waiting for you to say oil (ole) or store (stow-er). :-)

  5. I live in Illinois but I listen to country music most of the time. Compared to my music, I wouldn't have even guessed you were southern! LOL I'd like to see what kind of lyrics YouTube would come up with for a Johnny Cash song! :)

  6. Hi...I am trying to find info on the new Mixed media challenges on Splitcoast Stampers. All it does is take me to the threads and I guess I don't know where to go from there. I can't find where the challenges are explained, where to enter the cards...nothing. PLEASE HELP!!!!

  7. I have just found your amazing blog via Stamp Junkies. I love this sadly retired stamp. I have never thought of using gesso on a card project but it appeals to me as I am forever getting black ink splodges on my work. Thanks for a great tutorial!


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