Sunday, February 3, 2013

Why is One Mahi Not Enough?

Whole Foods is right next to where I have my stamping class.

So I always find an excuse to pop in and randomly spend $100 when all I wanted was a cucumber.

They're so NICE though. They're always giving you samples of things and smiling and when you've tasted their samples, you feel like you've had that divinity that that evil wench gave the kids in the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe - pleasantly sleepy and open to suggestion. Everything is suddenly pretty and sparkly and time stands still.

During one such sampling, when I was looking for my favorite smoked black cod, I noticed the Mahi Mahi in the fish case. Under the influence of the Narnia candy, I started giggling.

Seriously - MAHI MAHI? Why isn't just MAHI okay? Talk about a fish with branding insecurity.

Hi - I'm from Texas-Texas. My name is Lydia-Lydia and I want you to remember-remember me.

Showoffy fish.

Anyway, my mom commissioned some valentines from me this week, so I combined them with a class sample. My class was today and it was awesome! There were 25 fun, giggly ladies there stamping and we had a blast. Oh - I mean my CLASS-CLASS.

So here's the valentine I made for my mom and my class - I outright stole this design from my friend Kathy. I loved those pennants.

PS - you can cut three of these at a time with the Hearts a Flutter Framelit. They're just 4 x 2.25" pieces of First Edition DSP, folded in half. Just place the top of the die slightly above the fold to cut a folded pennant.

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I embellished with the heart punch, red glimmer paper, Print Poetry DSP, the ticket punch and the That's the Ticket stamp set.

This is the card for today's Challenge Chick's challenge to make a Valentine's card - want to play along?

Love-love ya-ya mean-mean it-it bye-bye << hey that last bit works :)


  1. Lydia.....Mahi Mahi is the fish so nice, they named it Twice!!!!! haha....

  2. Lovey Lovey this sparkly banner, Lydia! Okay, I want my brain to work the way yours does...never once crossed my mind that Mahi Mahi was weird, but it IS! I tend to obsess on words that I hate that just don't flow from my carcass. And panties. Luckily I don't have to say them very often. I hope your Valentine card doesn't feel icky that I typed these in it's comment section, heeee!

  3. Lydia Lydia, you are the bomb bomb diggity diggity! I would have never thought to cut the flags that way!! Big slap slap on the forehead! OUCH OUCH!

  4. I've been reading your blog for a couple years now & I don't think I've ever made a comment, so...I love your cards and I LOVE your writing. Thanks for your fabulous fabulous blog!!

  5. I'm just glad to know I'm not the only one who bursts out laughing in stores for no obvious reason. :)

    Here they use reduplication to indicate a plural noun or a repetitive action... maybe there's a logical linguistical reason.


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