Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Hiney Gazette

I have a rather indelicate subject to bring you today. But it's so hysterical I can't keep it to myself.

My two little felines, who love each other dearly, love to chase each other around the house sometimes and get in little spats.

It keeps their skills sharp. It's hard work staying at the top of the food chain.

Unfortunately, I let Splotchy's claws get a little too long last week, and during one of these little play fights, he stuck his claw in Maddie's head, just in front of her ear. For a day or two it just looked like a war wound, but then it got out of control and I had to take her to the vet. Poor Maddie. She wasn't happy about that.

But my vet, who is the best vet I've ever had, was so sweet to her. He built a little cave with his arms and chest and just let her hide in there for ten minutes or so while he patted her to calm her down. He is such a loving and kind person to all the creatures he sees. Unfortunately he had to give her a shot of cortisone and pencillin, and although she would never bite or scratch anyone, she struggled, and so some got onto her fur.

For this reason, when I got home, I took her in the bathroom before I opened her carrier so that I could clean her fur right away so Splotchy didn't start bathing her and get some on his tongue.

Well I didn't have to worry about that, thanks to what I call the Hiney Gazette.

If you've ever wondered why pets insist on sniffing each other's hineys, this little episode will remove any questions you might have.

Splotchy ran in the bathroom to see Maddie, hopped up on the sink, took one sniff and SHOT under the bed like a ROCKET!!! He didn't come out for an hour. This is what I imagine was transmitted:

That, my friends, is how the Hiney Gazette works.

It's probably the most effective form of communication I have ever seen. Of course my reaction was to get the giggles because it was so shocking and funny.

Glad we get to type instead. That's a rough way to have to get the daily news.

Splotch, by the way, has recovered and apparently the Gazette is back to reporting things like cardinals in the backyard and the location of sunbeams to lie in.

In stamping news, I've had a strip of some very old DSP hanging around that I love and couldn't get rid of. It has Green Galore, Pink Passion and Only Orange, which were some of the very first color combos I used when I first started out with Stampin' Up! and still one of my faves. So bright and happy. And yes, I still have Pink Passion and Green Galore cardstock. So I took some matching liberty and paired this beloved DSP with some of the Tangerine Tango Sale-A-Bration ribbon. I used my Only Orange and Pink Passion markers to ink up a retired sentiment from Phrases for a Friend and used the Honeycomb Embossing folder.

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Now I'm off to prep for my fun Dress Up bundle class this coming weekend (let me know if you'd like to come) and clear my evening for Downton Abbey, after which I'll have to go into mourning until the next season. Why are they so short??



  1. You've got some talent, Lydia. Maybe you should start your own comic strip. :)

  2. YOU are hilarious!! So funny!! :D Thanks for the awesome way to start my day, sweet Lydia. Both with the giggles and that beautiful card. And, now, of course, I need that honeycomb embossing folder. Dangit. ;)

  3. Poor Maddie. But OMG this post made me laugh so hard!! Thank you so much for starting my day off with a giggle. You are hilarious, Lydia. :D Now I have ALL the answers to the sniffage that goes on my house. Yay!!

    Love your card so, so much and, of course, now I need that gorgeous honeycomb embossing folder. Dangit. ;)

  4. ha ha! cute cartoon! cute card too...I still have that dsp too (I can be such a hoarder sometimes. ugh).

  5. As a life-long subscriber to the Hiney Gazette, I salute you for your wisdom in interpretation. And I LOL'd which sent my felines running. Thanks for the laugh! Sending hugs for Maddie and Splotchy. Trauma must be shared. ~ky

    P.S. your card is adorbz! >^..^<

  6. Whenever one of mine goes to the vet alone, it involves anesthesia (well visits, they go together). I'm pretty sure the smell of that drives the other cat to not recognize the other when s/he comes home, because there's usually growling, hackles, and poor smelly, drugged cat is so confused why the other cat is so mean to them. it's both amusing and heartbreaking. ahh, kittens!

  7. Your card made me smile - I LOVE it - but the rest of your post just made me laugh and laugh. You are soooooo funny! Thanks!

  8. What do they put in the water down thar anyway??? Very funny start to my day and a lovely card!!!
    p.s. Dogs have their own hiney gazette and oh the news they share!!!

  9. Your card is breathtaking! And that is some rough News delivery LMHO Laugh My Hiney Off.;-)Glad Splotchy is doing well, now. Our Mouse cat spends way too much time at the vet.

  10. OMG -- you made me CRACK UP!! DH is wondering what the heck I'm laughing at as he is trying to set up a new sound system (and it's not going well)
    And Downton Abbey - did you watch?? OMG!

  11. Oh my gosh- it is 10:45 at night and I am uncontrollably laughing! Honestly Lydia, if you weren't a papercrafter/technology guru, you could be a standup comedian!

  12. LMAO! OMG, that is too funny! I RODE IN THE CAR! {snort}

    I love how you used that old paper. Perfect.

  13. That is SO funny! Made my morning :)

  14. SO crisp and what you did with this honeycomb design! Have a great weekend~


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